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An employer's guide to managing professionals on the autism spectrum

Marcia Scheiner (Author), Joan Bogden (Author), Meron Philo (Illustrator)
This is a comprehensive reference guide for managers and colleagues of people with Asperger's Syndrome (AS). Containing detailed descriptions of workplace behaviours, the underlying issues that cause them, and recommendations on how to manage them, this book will help managers and colleagues of people with AS manage behaviours in a respectful way
eBook, English, 2017
Jessica Kingsley Publishers, 2017
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9781784505134, 1784505137
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An Employer's Guide to Managing Professionals on the Autism Spectrum, by Marcia Scheiner, Integrate Autism Employment Advisors with Joan Bogden, Illustrations by Meron Philo; Acknowledgments; Part One
Introduction; 1. Getting Started; How to use this book; Next steps; 2. The Autistic Professional; Autism in the workplace; Why should your company hire professionals with autism?; Why should you learn about autism?; Bullying and professionals with autism; 3. Disclosure and Types of Employees on the Spectrum; Why disclosure is good for companies; The three types of individuals on the spectrum. How do I encourage someone to disclose?Part Two
Social Issues at Work; 4. Introduction to Social Issues at Work; The "hidden curriculum" of the workplace; Theory of mind; The role of context; Typical social challenges at work; Disclosure and accommodations for social challenges; 5. Talking; Section 5.1: Will he EVER stop talking?; Section 5.2: He said WHAT?; Section 5.3: Not now!; Talking: Accommodations summary; 6. Social Interaction; Section 6.1: Does he even care?; Section 6.2: He thinks he knows it all!; Section 6.3: He doesn't get it!; Section 6.4: He doesn't fit in! Social interaction: Accommodations summaryPart Three
Work Performance; 7. Introduction to Work Performance; Executive functioning; Work performance, the "big picture," and theory of mind; Work performance strengths; Typical work performance challenges; Disclosure and accommodations for work performance issues; 8. Organization; Section 8.1: He's so disorganized!; Section 8.2: Just give me the main points!; Organization: Accommodations summary; 9. Time Management; Section 9.1: He never gets it done on time!; Section 9.2: I need him to multitask!; Time management: Accommodations summary. 10. Work QualitySection 10.1: How many times do I have to tell him?; Section 10.2: What an attitude!; Work quality: Accommodations summary; 11. Emotional Regulation; Section 11.1: Everything seems to bother him!; Section 11.2: Is this job too much for him?; Emotional regulation: Accommodations summary; Part Four
Sensory Issues at Work; 12. Introduction to Sensory Issues at Work; How we perceive the world; Sensory issues and autism; Typical sensory challenges at work; Disclosure and accommodations for sensory issues; 13. Sensory Overload; Section 13.1: What is his problem? Section 13.2: What is he doing?Sensory overload: Accommodations summary; Epilogue ; References; Notes; Index Free eBook from the Internet Archive Additional information and access via Open Library