Front cover image for Diversifying STEM : multidisciplinary perspectives on race and gender

Diversifying STEM : multidisciplinary perspectives on race and gender

Ebony O. McGee (Editor), William H. Robinson (Editor)
"Research frequently neglects the important ways that race and gender intersect within the complex structural dynamics of STEM. Diversifying STEM fills this void, bringing together a wide array of perspectives and the voices of a number of multidisciplinary scholars. The essays cover three main areas: the widely-held ideology that science and mathematics are "value-free," which promotes pedagogies of colorblindness in the classroom as well as an avoidance of discussions around using mathematics and science to promote social justice; how male and female students of color experience the intersection of racist and sexist structures that lead to general underrepresentation and marginalization; and recognizing that although there are no quick fixes, there exists evidence-based research suggesting concrete ways of doing a better job of including individuals of color in STEM. As a whole this volume will allow practitioners, teachers, students, faculty, and professionals to reimagine STEM across a variety of educational paradigms, perspectives, and disciplines, which is critical in finding solutions that broaden the participation of historically underrepresented groups within the STEM disciplines." viewed November 17, 2020
Print Book, English, 2020
Rutgers University Press, New Brunswick, New Jersey, 2020
vii, 269 pages : illustrations ; 22 cm
9781978805675, 9781978805682, 1978805675, 1978805683
Introduction Part I: The Structural Dynamics of STEM Part II: The Impact of Race and Gender on Scholars of Color in STEM Part III: The Way Forward for Students, Faculty, and Institutions: Strategies for STEM Success Acknowledgments Notes on Contributors Index