Front cover image for Life coaching for adults on the autism spectrum : discovering your true potential

Life coaching for adults on the autism spectrum : discovering your true potential

Adults on the Autism Spectrum rarely have access to services once they age out of the school system. Many therapies are simply not appropriate in terms of teaching these adults the practical skills they need to succeed in various aspects of life. Many on the spectrum struggle with forming and building relationships, finding and maintaining a job and managing their day to day life. Life Coaching, specifically for adults on the spectrum or anyone who considers themselves neurodivergent, can provide individuals, other coaches, parents and professionals the tools and skills necessary to guide these amazing people to success. One-on-one coaching can be expensive and so this book was designed to make these methods and strategies available to everyone in an affordable and concise resource. Everyone can benefit from this self help book that takes you on a practical journey through building relationships from the ground up, developing a rewarding career, managing your day to day life effectively and discovering your true potential--Publisher's description
Print Book, English, ©2021
ASD Life Coaches LLC, [United States], ©2021
xii, 163 pages : illustration ; 23 cm
9781737107408, 1737107406
Introduction: Why a life coach and not a therapist?
For the ASD Adult : Expectations, Problems, and Solutions. Foreword / Matthew Hoel, MBA
The high school years
The college and university experience
Finding a job and establishing a career
Independent living and relationships
For the Coach : Life Coaching Adults on the ASD Spectrum. Foreword / Francesco Paladino, CCC
Teach real-life skills
Building friendships from the ground up
The development of romantic relationships
Achieving independence
For the Parents and Professionals : of or Working With Adults on the Autism Spectrum. Foreword / Lori Gassmann, a parent
The most important things to know about ASD for parents
What professionals need to understand about clients with ASD
Conclusion: The importance of life coaching for adults on the ASD spectrum
Afterword / Joseph Hunt, husband, CEO of his own company
Appendices: Sample cover letter ; Sample resume ; Sample monthly budget ; Time management journal ; Sample daily life plan ; Friendship pyramid