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Promises of gold = Promesas de oro

"A groundbreaking collection of poems addressing how every kind of love-self, brotherly, romantic, familial, cultural-is birthed, shaped, and complicated by the invisible forces of gender, capitalism, religion, migration, and so on. Written in English and combined with a Spanish translation by poet David Ruano, Promises of Gold explores many forms of love and how "a promise made isn't always a promise kept," as Olivarez grapples with the contradictions of the American Dream laying bare the ways in which "love is complicated by forces larger than our hearts.""-- Provided by publisher
Print Book, English, 2023
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Henry Holt and Company, New York, 2023
Bilingual books
xvi, 141, 2, 141, xvi pages : illustrations ; 22 cm
9781250878496, 1250878497
Love poem beginning with a yellow cab
Ode to tortillas
Nation of domination
In the dream
Bulls vs. Suns, 1993
Another Cal City poem
Ojalá : my homie
Upward mobility
Regret or my dad says love
Black & mild
River Oaks Mall
Pedro explains magical realism
An almost sonnet for my mom's almost life
Poem with corpse flowers & no corpses
It's only day whatever of the quarantine & I'm already daydreaming about robbing rich people
Poem with a little less aggression
Maybach music
Card declined
Middle class in this mf
Canelo Álvarez is the champ
Bad Mexican sonnet
Poem where no one is deported
American tragedy
Cal City winter
On the signing of the North American Free Trade Agreement
Ojalá : me & my guys
Poetry is not therapy
Before we got comfortable saying love, we dapped
Ojalá : I hate heartbreak
More, please
Two truths & a lie
Pedro gets asked about his big brother
Happening sonnet
Poem where I learn to eat escargot
Some words look nice until you try them on
Wherever I'm at that land is Chicago
Nate calls me soft
Love poem (feat. Chani Nicholas)
All the names we say because we don't say love
Cal City love poem
Mercedes says she prefers the word "discoteca" to the word "club"
February & my love is in another state
Origin story
In Calumet City
Now I'm bologna
My sociology
No time to wait
Mercedes says hyacinths look like little firework shows
Ruben's poem
Ars poetica
Eviction notice
United enemies
Harlem snapshot
Sunday love
Between us & liberation
Eating Taco Bell with Mexicans
Maybe God is Mexican
It's true
Despecho hour at The Casa Azul Restaurante y Cantina
Hopeful Cal City poem
Mexican heaven ("the mexicans said no thank you to heaven
I walk into the ocean
Roses & lilies
Justice is for the living
Mexican heaven ("forget heaven & its promises of gold
No more sad Mexicans
Mexican heaven ("when my uncle goes to heaven")
Another Harlem poem
Ojalá : self-love
Down to my elbows
Shelter Island
Let's get married
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Poetry collection in English and translation into Spanish, bound tête-bêche
Text in English and Spanish