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Athletic insight's writings in sport psychology

Robert J. Schinke (Editor)
eBook, English, 2012
Nova Science Publishers, Inc., New York, 2012
1 online resource
9781620812860, 162081286X
A primer on the Development of SEP in North Ameica vs. Europe : Comparing the Developmental Paths of FEBSAC and AASP / Alessandro Quartiroli and Sam J. Zizzi
Comparing the Effects of Different Self-Instructions on Thought Content and Tennis Performance / Alexander T. Latinjak, Miquel Torregrosa and Jordi Renom
Technical Fouls Predict Performance Outcomes in the NBA / Emily M. Zitek and Alexander H. Jordan
Sports-related Pain : Exploring the Perception of Athletes' Pain / Laura Dover Wandner, Ann Sloan Devlin and Joan C. Chrisler
"Green with ... Shyness?" Moderators of the Links between Shyness and Golf Performance / Adam Kingsbury, Robert J. Coplan and Mila Reichel
The Athlete Life Quality Scale : Development and Psychometric Analysis / Noah B. Gentner, Craig A. Wrisberg and John Lounsbury
The Transtheoretical Model and Psychological Skills Training : Application and Implications with Elite Female Athletes / Linda A. Keeler and Jack C. Watson II
Transitioning Out of Sport : The Psycholosocial Effects of Collegiate Athletes' Career-Ending Injuries / Amber L. Stoltenburg, Cindra S. Kamphoff and Karin Lindstrom
Warming up and Staying Loose : The Prevalence, Style, and Influence of Prepartying Behavior and Drinking Games among Intercollegiate Athletes / Justin F. Hummer, Joseph W. LaBrie and Andrew Lac
A comparison of Pscyosocial and Orthopedic Data in Injured College Athletes : A Novel Apllication of Hurdle Regression / Jeremy Sibold, Alan Howard and Samuel Zizzi
The Effects of Directing the Learner's Gaze on Skill Acquisition in Gymnastics / Thomas Heinen, Pia Vinken and Hardy Fink
Group Counseling for Sports Teams : A Conceptualization Linked to Practice / Michael B. Johnson, Javier Cavazos Jr. and Robert E. Corb
Sport Psychology Consulting with Athletes with a Disability : Out of the Ordinary and Into the Extraordinary / Krista J. Munroe-Chandler
The Road to Elite Ice Hockey Officiating / Kim D. Dorsch and Douglas Lawrence
Embracing the Richness of Athletes' Emotional Experiences : Intersections between Coping Research and Mental Training Consulting / Kent C. Kowalski
Understanding Models of Performance Enhancement from the Perspective of Emotional Regulation / Zella E. Moore and Frank L. Gardner
A Beginning : The Resonance Process of Three Female Freestyle Wrestlers via a Resonance-Performance-Model-Based Intervention / Kara Stelfox and David Paskevich
Development and Validation of the Sport Perfectionism Scale / Kaori Araki and Diane L. Gill
Fear of Failure : What's Culture Got to Do with it? / Heather J. Peters and Kevin A. Stefanek
Sculpted to Perfection : Addressing and Managing Body Image Concerns and Disordered Eating among Athletes / Justine J. Rell and Dana Voelker
Rearch out and Text Someone : The Creative and Effective Use of Text Messaging in Sport Performance Consultations / Sam Zizzi and Olivier Schmid
Team Mental Models in Sports : An Overview / Edson Medeiros Filho and Gershon Tenenbaum