Front cover image for Decades of reconstruction : postwar societies, state-building, and international relations from the Seven Years' War to the Cold War

Decades of reconstruction : postwar societies, state-building, and international relations from the Seven Years' War to the Cold War

"As wars and other conflicts increase on a worldwide scale, the alleged 'new wars' of the present day have taught that military victory does not necessarily result in a sustained state of peace. Rather, societies in conflict experience a 'status mixtus' - a transformative period that includes substantial changes in economy, politics, society and culture. Focusing on these decades of reconstruction in Europe and North America, this book examines the transformation of state systems, international relations, and normative principles in international comparison. By putting the postwar decade after 1945 into a long-term historical perspective, the chapters illuminate new patterns of transition between war and peace from the eighteenth to the twentieth century. Experts in the field show that states and societies are never restituted from a 'zero hour'. They also demonstrate that foreign and domestic policy are intermixed before and after peace breaks out."--Back cover
Print Book, English, 2017
German Historical Institute ; Cambridge University Press, Washington, D.C., Cambridge, United Kingdom, 2017
Conference papers and proceedings
xvi, 377 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm.
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Machine generated contents note: pt. I A world in upheaval: from the seven years' war to the age of metternich
1.Sea Power and Informal Empire: Great Britain and the World after the Seven Years' War / Julia Angster
2.Losing an Empire, Re-Entering the Stage: France after the Seven Years' War, 1763
1776 / Sven Externbrink
3.How Long Was the Seven Years' War? 1763 in Native American Country / Ulrike Kirchberger
4.The Reorganization of Europe in 1815 as a "Subject of Domestic Policy" / Reinhard Stauber
pt. II Between reich and state: the Germanies, 1648
5.The Habsburg Empire after 1763 and 1815: Reconstruction and Repose / John E. Fahey
6.Eras of Postwar Reconstruction in Prussian History / Christopher Clark
7.The Alchemy of Credit: Saxony's Retablissement after 1763 / Robert Beachy
8.Identifying a Postwar Period: Case Studies from the Hanseatic Cities following the Napoleonic Wars / Katherine Aaslestad
^ Pt. III Civil and uncivil wars: the 1860s and 1870s
9.US Reconstruction, Republicanism, and Imperial Rivalries in the Caribbean after 1865 / Christopher Wilkins
10.After the "German Civil War" of 1866: Building the State, Embracing the Nation / James Retallack
11.The Civil War in France, Alsace-Lorraine, and Postwar Reconstruction in the 1870s / Elizabeth Vlossak
pt. IV Central Europe and its borderlands in the twentieth century
12.German State-Building in Occupied Poland as an Episode in Postwar Reconstruction, 1915-1918 / Jesse Kauffman
13.Violent Reconstruction as Shatterzones: The German Revolution of 1918
1919 and the Foundation of the Weimar Republic / Mark Jones
14.Reconstruction and Representation: State-Building and Interpretations of War in Germany after 1945 / Jorg Echternkamp
pt. V A new international order after total war?
15.Reassessing the League of Nations' Humanitarian Assistance Regimes, 1918
1939 / Kimberly Lowe
^ 16.After Civil War: Francoism and the Reconstruction of Spain / Adrian Shubert
17.The End of Empires and the Triumph of the Nation-State? 1918 and the New International Order / Jorn Leonhard
pt. VI Prospects
18.Five Postwar Orders, 1763
1945 / James J. Sheehan
"The German Historical Institute (GHI), Washington, DC, made it possible to bring together three sponsors of the international conference (May 3-4, 2013) that spawned this book."--Page xv