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Rogue states : the rule of force in world affairs

The author "reveals the United States's increasingly open dismissal of United Nations resolutions, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and international legal precedent in justifyling its motives and actions. As his analysis of US statecraft and warmongering amply reveals, the rule of law has been reduced to a mere nuisance in the United States's brazen bid for the title of 'rogue state.'"--Cover
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South End Press, Cambridge, MA, ©2000
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254 pages ; 23 cm
9780896086128, 9780896086111, 0896086127, 0896086119
Rogues' gallery: who qualifies?
Rogue states
Crisis in the Balkans
East Timor retrospective
"Plan Colombia"
Cuba and the US government: David vs. Goliath
Putting on the pressure: Latin America
Jubilee 2000
"Recovering rights": a crooked path
The United States and the "challenge of universality"
The legacy of war
Millennium greetings
Power in the domestic arena
Socioeconomic sovereignty