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Christianity in South Africa : a political, social & cultural history

States that Christianity, the faith of many of the diverse South African population, has long been pushed to the margins of historical writing on South Africa, yet for more than two centuries it has shaped South African society and its diverse subcultures. This book traces religious movements and their histories both before and during apartheid.
Print Book, English, 1997
James Currey, Oxford, 1997
Church history
viii, 512 pages : illustrations, maps ; 24 cm
9780852557518, 9780852557501, 9780520209404, 9780520209398, 0852557515, 0852557507, 0520209400, 0520209397
CONTENTS: "A Christian Monopoloy: The Reformed Church and Colonial Society under Dutch Rule," by Jonathan N. Gerstner "Combating Spiritual and Social Bondage: Early Missions in the Cape Colony," by Elizabeth Elbourne and Robert Ross "Settlement, Conquest and Theological Controversy: The Churches of Nineteenth-century European Immigrants," by Rodney Davenport "A Battle for Sacred Power: Christian Beginnings Among the Xhosa," by Janet Hodgson "Kingdoms of This World and the Next: Christian Beginnings among Zulu and Swazi," by Norman Etherington "Monarchs and Missionaries among the Tswana and Sotho," by Roger B. Beck "The Spread of Christianity among Whites and Blacks in Transorangia," by Irving Hexham and Karla Poewe "Modernization and Apartheid: The Afrikaner Churches," by Johann Kinghorn "Grappling with a Colonial Heritage: The English-speaking Churches under Imperialism and Apartheid," by John W. De Gruchy "Lutheran Misions and Churches in South Africa," by Georg Scriba with GunnarLislerud "Moving from the Margins to the Mainstream: The Roman Catholic Church," by Joy Brain "A Branch Springs Out: African Initiated Churches," by Hennie Pretorius and Lizo Jafta "The Segregated Spirit: The Pentecostals," by Allan A. Anderson & Gerald J. Pillay "The Struggle for Sunday: All-male Christianity in the Gold Mine Compounds," by Tshidiso Maloka "Power in Prayer and Service: Women's Christian Organizations," by Deborah Gaitskell "Between Christ and Mohammed: Conversion, Slavery, and Gender in the Urban Western Cape," by Robert C. H. Shell "Ambivalence, Antipathy, and Accommodation: Christianity and the Jews," by Milton Shain "Community Service and Conversion: Christianity among Indian South Africans," by Gerald J. Pillay "The Drumbeat of the Cross: Christianity and Literature," by Jeff Opland "South African Christian Music: A) Christian Music in the Western Tradition," by Barry Smith "South African Christian Music: B) Christian Music Among Africans," by David Dargie "South African Christian Architecture," by Dennis Radford "Millenial Christianity, British Imperialism, and African Nationalism," by Wallace G. Mills "The Benevolent Empire and the Social Gospel: Missionaries and South African Christians in the Age of Segregation," by Richard Elphick "Creation and Apartheid: South African Theology since 1948," by Eugene M. Klaaren "Christianity and the Anti-Apartheid Struggle: the Prophetic Voice within Divided Churches," by Peter Walshe