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Aspects of the language of Latin poetry

Print Book, English, 1999
Published for the British Academy by Oxford University Press, Oxford, 1999
Criticism, interpretation, etc
viii, 447 pages ; 23 cm
9780197261781, 0197261787
Introduction / J.N. Adams & R.G. Mayer
Poetic diction, poetic discourse and the poetic register / R.G.G. Coleman
Nominative personal pronouns and some patterns of speech in Republican and Augustan poetry / J.N. Adams
The word order of Horace's Odes / R.G.M. Nisbet
Grecism / R.G. Mayer
The language of poetry and the language of science: the latin poets and 'medical latin' / D.R. Langslow
Lucretius' use and avoidance of Greek / David Sedley
Archaism and innovation in latin poetic syntax / J.H.W. Penney
Rowing strokes: tentative considerations on 'shifting' objects in Virgil and elsewhere / Woldemar Görler
The language of early Roman satire: its function and characteristics / Hubert Petersmann
Stylistic registers in Juvenal / J.G.F. Powell
The arrangement and the language of Catullus' so-called polymetra with special reference to the sequence 10-11-12 / H.D. Jocelyn
Tibullus and the language of Latin elegy / R. Maltby
Vt erat novator: Anomaly, innovation and genre in Ovid, Heroides 16-21 / E.J. Kennedy