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A history of Rome down to the reign of Constantine

M. Cary
Classical work on the history of the Roman Empire - For senior history students - Many illustrations of Roman antiquities - Map of ancient Rome - Map of the Roman Empire under Augustus, Trajan and Hadrian - Lazio (Latium) - Rome
Print Book, English, 1954
Macmillan; St. Martins Press, London, New York, 1954
820 pages illustrations 19 cm
9780333033593, 0333033590
Part A. Pre-Roman Italy
The geographical environment of Roman history
The early inhabitants of Italy
Greeks and Etruscans in early Italy
Part B. The Roman conquest of Italy
Latium and Rome
The sources for early Roman history
Rome in the period of the kings
The early wars of the Republic
The conflict of the orders. The first stage
The Latin, Samnite and Pyrrhic Wars
The conflict of the orders. The second stage
The Roman state in the third century B.C
Part C. The conquest of the Mediterranean
The First Punic War and the conquest of North Italy
The Second Punic War
The conquest of the western Mediterranean
The Macedonian Wars
The Roman Wars in Asia in the second century
The government of the Roman provinces
Domestic politics in the second century
Roman society in the second century
Part D. The fall of the Republic
Tiberius and Caius Gracchus
Marius and the new Roman army
The Italian Wars, 91-83 B.C
The temporary monarchy of Cornelius Sulla
The wars of Lucullus, Pompey and Crassus
The fall of the restoration government
Caesar's conquest of Gaul and the breakdown of the first triumvirate
The rise of Caesar to supreme power
The second triumvirate
Roman society in the first century
Part E. The consolidation of the Roman Empire
The settlement of Augustus. Rome and Italy
The Roman Empire under Augustus
The Julio-Claudian emperors. Internal affairs
The Roman Empire under the Julio-Claudian dynasty
Roman society under the early Roman emperors
The "year of the four emperors"
The Flavian emperors
The "give good emperors". General administration
The "five good emperors". External affairs
Roman society from A.D. 70 to 180
Commodus and the Severi
Part F. The decline of the Roman Empire
The crisis of the Empire in the third century
The Roman world c. A.D. 330. Political conditions
The Roman world c. A.D. 330. Life and thought
The Roman Empire. Retrospect and prospect
The Roman emperors from Augustus to Constantine
Genealogy of the Julio-Claudian dynasty