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The Oxford history of board games

Focuses mainly on different families of traditional games and folk entertainments, with some discussion of rules and strategies
Print Book, English, ©1999
Oxford University Press, Oxford, ©1999
Board games
xiii, 386 pages : illustrations ; 23 cm
9780192129987, 0192129988
The Name of the Game. 1. Welcome Aboard
Race Games. 2. The Role of Dice. 3. Getting Home. 4. The Tables Turned. 5. Back to Square One. 6. No Dice
Space Games. 7. All in a Row. 8. Across the Board. 9. Making Arrangements. 10. Restrictive Practices. 11. Space Control
Chase Games. 12. Corner your Fauna
Displace Games. 13. Bean and Gone. 14. War and Pieces. 15. Take That! 16. Conquering Kings. 17. Diversions and Deviations. 18. The Thought that Counts
Today's Games. 19. Variations on a Theme