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An introduction to the New Testament and the origins of Christianity

This book offers an authoritative and accessible introduction to the New Testament and early Christian literature for all students of the Bible and anyone interested in the origins of Christianity. It is designed primarily for undergraduate courses in the New Testament, biblical studies and early Christianity. Delbert Burkett focuses on the New Testament, but also looks at a wealth of non-biblical writing to examine the history, religion and literature of Christianity in the years from 30 CE to 150 CE. An appendix containing translations of primary texts allows instant access to the writings outside the canon. With this textbook and the Bible, the student should therefore have all the necessary basic texts. The book is organised systematically with questions for in-class discussion and written assignment, step-by-step reading guides on individual works, special box features, charts, maps and numerous illustrations designed to facilitate student use
Print Book, English, 2002
Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, UK, 2002
xv, 600 pages : illustrations, maps ; 26 cm
9780521809559, 9780521007207, 052180955X, 0521007208
pt. I: Historical and religious background. Introduction
Jews among Greeks and Romans
Religion of Second-Temple Judaism
Varieties of Second-Temple Judaism
Jewish hopes for the future
Hellenistic religion, philosophy, and world-view
An overview of early Christian history
The making of the New Testament
pt. II: Jesus and the Gospels. Introduction to the Gospels
The Synoptic problem
The Gospel of Mark
The Gospel of Matthew
The Gospel of Luke
The Gospel of John
The apocryphal Jesus
The quest for the historical Jesus
pt. III: Acts. The book of acts
pt. IV: Pauline Christianity. Paul, his letters, and his churches
Gentiles and the law (1): Galatians
Gentiles and the law (2): Romans
Problems of church life: 1 Corinthians
Problems of church life: 2 Corinthians
The imminent parousia: 1 and 2 Thessalonians
Prison epistles (1): Philippians and Philemon
Prison epistles (2): Colossians and Ephesians
pt. V: Judaic Christianity. Judaic Christianity
The letter of James
The Didache
pt. VI: Gnostic Christianity. Gnostic Christianity
The Gospel of Thomas
pt. VII: Proto-Orthodox Christianity. Proto-Orthodox Christianity
Conflict within the church (1): 1 Clement
Conflict within the church (2): the pastoral epistles
Conflict within the church (3): Jude and 2 Peter
Conflict within the church (4): the Johannine epistles
Conflict within the church (5): the letters of Ignatius
Relation of Christianity to Judaism (1): Hebrews
Relation of Christianity to Judaism (2): the epistle of Barnabas
Conflict with the Roman world (1): 1 Peter
Conflict with the Roman world (2): Revelation
Appendix 1. Lucian on sacrifice
Appendix 2. The Essenes
Appendix 3. Jewish Messianic hopes
Appendix 4. Divine men and their births
Appendix 5. Apotheoses
Appendix 6. Miracle stories in the ancient world
Appendix 7. The infancy Gospel of Thomas
Appendix 8. The Gospel of Peter
Appendix 9. The Didache
Appendix 10. Selections from the Gospel of Thomas
Appendix 11. Selections from 1 Clement
Appendix 12. Ignatius to the Smyrnaeans 1-9
Appendix 13. Selections from the epistle of Barnabas
Appendix 14. Conflict with Rome