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John Cassian, the conferences

"John Cassian: The Conferences is the first complete English translation of the twenty-four dialogues between Cassian and the desert fathers of Egypt. A native of Dacia, Cassian (c. 360-430) joined a monastery in Bethlehem when he was in his early adult years. From Palestine, Cassian and Germanus, a companion, traveled several times to Egypt where they learned about the monastic tradition from the great desert masters or abbas. Cassian's writings here record twenty-four dialogues with fifteen abbas." "The Conferences have long been a key work in monastic circles and among scholars of spirituality. Ramsey's helpful introductions and annotations make them accessible to a new and broader readership. Careful attention to references, notes and appendices demonstrate the outstanding research and writing which helped produce this monumental volume."--Jacket
Print Book, English, ©1997
Paulist Press, New York, ©1997
Early works
xv, 886 pages ; 22 cm
9780809104840, 0809104849
The first part of the conferences of John Cassian (I-X)
On the goal and the end of the monk
On discretion
On the three renunciations
On the desire of the flesh and of the spirit
On the eight principal vices
On the slaughter of some holy persons
On the changeableness of the soul and on evil spirits
On the principalities
On prayer, part one
On prayer, part two
The second part of the conferences of John Cassian (XI-XVII)
On perfection
On chastity
On God's protection
On spiritual knowledge
On divine gifts
On friendship
On making promises
The third part of the conferences of John Cassian (XVIII-XXIV)
On the three kinds of monks
The end of the cenobite and of the hermit
On the end of repentance and on the mark of reparation
On the relaxation at pentecost
On nocturnal illusions
On sinlessness
On mortification