Front cover image for Outlook on space law over the next 30 years : essays published for the 30th anniversary of the Outer Space Treaty

Outlook on space law over the next 30 years : essays published for the 30th anniversary of the Outer Space Treaty

This book is neither a historical treatise on the genesis & development of space law, nor a survey of the corpus, nor even a work of legal makebelieve, but simply an essay pursuing a line of enquiry opened up by the members of the European Centre for Space Law. It sets out to chart future trends in the light of the emergence of space law as a branch of international law & of the development of space activities themselves (new activities, new players, interpenetration of space law & national laws), a branch in which the rules & forms of international cooperation acquire a new dimension, transcending the concept of 'global' law. It is essentially prompted by a deep aspiration to see a rebirth a revival of that law
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Kluwer Law International, The Hague, ©1997
xix, 473 pages ; 25 cm
9789041104021, 904110402X
[Pt.] 1. The Actors. Actors: states, international organizations, private entities / Peter Malanczuk
International agreements and contracts / Ralph P. Kröner
Private actors and space law: the influence of competition on satellite communications / Gabriella Venturini
[pt.] 2. The status of outer space, including celestial bodies, and use. Article I of the Outer Space Treaty reconsidered after 30 years: "Free Use of Outer Space" vs. "Space Benefits" / Marietta Benkö and Kai-Uwe Schrogl
Development of the regime for the low earth orbit and the geostationary orbit / Sa'id Mosteshar
Space science and space law / Gabriel Lafferranderie
[pt.] 3. The space objects. Aerospace object / Claudio Zanghi
Space station cooperation: legal arrangements / André Farand
The legal framework for a lunar base lex data and lex ferenda / Stephan Hobe
[pt.] 4. Man in space. The astronaut in the space station era / André Farand
[pt.] 5. Liability. Space insurance into the next millenium / Richard Gimblett
The law of commercial space activities / Henri A. Wassenbergh
Quality control in the production of space objects and liability in outer space law / Mariagrazia Spada
[pt.] 6. Registration, jurisdiction and control, ownership. Space objects and their various connecting factors / Bin Cheng
The lauch of spacecraft from sea / Armel Kerrest
[pt.] 7. Settlement of disputes. The settlement of disputes regarding space activities after 30 years of the Outer Space Treaty / Karl-Heinz Böckstiegel
[pt.] 8. Forms of international cooperation. The role of the International Telecommunication Union / Francis Lyall
Transfer of technology developed in outer space to Third World countries / Gustavo Ghidini
Launch and tracking stations: the "San Marco-Malindi" Case / Ornella Ferrajolo
Space law training and education / Paul Henry Tuinder and Tanja Masson-Zwaan
[pt.] 9. Environment of earth and space. Space debris: technical and legal aspects / Juan Manuel de Faramiñán Gilbert
Prevention and management of natural disasters / Gabriella Catalano Sgrosso
[pt.] 10. Remote sensing. Remote sensing for sustainable development ininternational law / Sergio Marchisio
The legal status of remote sensing data: issues of access and distribution / Philippe Gaudrat and Paul Henry Tuinder
[pt.] 11. Commercial activities. Intellectual property and space activities: a new role for COPUOS? / Anna-Maria Balsano and Bradford Smith
Satellite communication and global information infrastructure: towards space information superhighways ... / Lucien Rapp
Mobile-satellite telecommunications / Michel Bourély
[pt.] 12. The role of UNCOPUOS and other international fora and agreements. The undeniably necessary cradle
out of principle and ultimately out of sense / Frans von der Dunk
The normative role of UNCOPUOS / Faustino Pocar
Towards a world space organisation? / Simone Courteix
Soft law in space activities / Marco Ferrazzani