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Fishes of the western North Atlantic

The Fishes of the Western North Atlantic series, which began publication in the 1940s by Yale University's Sears Foundation for Marine Research, is designed to summarize everything known about the fishes of this region, including information on identification, distribution, reproduction, early life history, parasites, and more.
Print Book, English, 1948
Sears Foundation for Marine Research, Yale University, Peabody Museum of Natural History, Yale University, New Haven, New Haven, 1948
10 parts in 11 volumes : illustrations, maps ; 28 cm.
9781933789118, 9781933789125, 9781933789132, 9781933789149, 9781933789156, 9781933789163, 9781933789170, 9781933789187, 9781933789194, 9781933789200, 9781933789217, 1933789115, 1933789123, 1933789131, 193378914X, 1933789158, 1933789166, 1933789174, 1933789182, 1933789190, 1933789204, 1933789212
pt. 1. Lancelets
pt. 2. Sawfishes, guitarfishes, skates and rays
pt. 3. Soft-rayed bony fishes. Order Osteichthyes
Order Lepisostei
Order Isospondyli
Suborder Elopoidea
Suborder Clupeoidea, Suborder Salmonoideea
pt. 4. Soft-rayed bony fishes. Order Isospondyli
Suborder Argentinoidea
Suborder Stomiatoidea
Suborder Esocoidea
Suborder Bathylaconoidea
Order Giganturoidei
pt. 5. Order Iniomi
Order Lyomeri
pt. 6. Order Heteromi
Suborder Cyprinodontoidei
Order Berycomorphi (Beryciformes)
Order Xenoberyces (Stephanoberyciformes)
Order Anacanthini (Gadiformes)
pt. 7. Order Iniomi (Myctophiformes)
pt. 8. Order Gasterosteiformes, suborder Syngnathoidei
pt. 9, v. 1. Orders Anguilliformes and Saccopharyngiformes
pt. 9, v. 2. Leptocephali
pt. 10. Order Beloniformes, needlefishes, sauries, halfbeaks, and flyingfishes