Front cover image for A critical companion to Jorge Sempr©ðn : Buchenwald, before and after

A critical companion to Jorge Sempr©ðn : Buchenwald, before and after

Ofelia Ferr©Łn (Editor), Gina Herrmann (Editor)
Presenting the first English-language collection of essays on Jorge Semprun, this volume explores the life and work of the Spanish Holocaust survivor, author, and political activist. Essays explore his cultural production in all its manifestations, including the role of testimony and fiction in representations of the Holocaust.
eBook, English, 2014
Palgrave Macmillan, New York, 2014
Criticism, interpretation, etc
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9781137439710, 1137439718
Introduction; Ofelia Ferranand Gina Herrmann PART I. HISTORICAL CONTEXTS AND CALLINGS 1. Jorge Semprun and the Writing of Identity: Family Origins and Fictional Construction; Francoise Nicoladze 2. Jorge Semprun and his Heteronym Federico Sanchez; Javier Pradera 3. The Clandestine Militant Who Would Be Minister: Semprun and Cinema; Esteve Riambau PART II: ON DEATH AND HOLOCAUST WITNESSING 4. "Don't leave me, pal": Witnessing Death in Semprun's Buchenwald Narratives; Dorota Glowacka 5. Semprun, Philosophy, and the Texture of Literature; Carol L. Bernstein 6. In the Name of Things That Have Happened: Jorge Semprun and the Writing of History; Emmanuel Bouju PART III: GENDER, GENRE, AND ART 7. Jorge Semprun and the Myth of Woman; Ursula Tidd 8. A Mirror of History: The Self and Its Reflections in Jorge Semprun's Oeuvre. Veinte anos y un dia: Duality and Vertigo; Maria A. Semilla Duran 9. The Significance of Art in Semprun's Writing; Tijana Miletic PART IV: THE PUBLIC INTELLECTUAL 10. Dissidence, Citizenry, and Witnessing: Three Screenplays by Jorge Semprun; Txetxu Aguado 11. Semprun's Germany - Germany's Semprun: Stereoscopic Scenes of a Twentieth Century; Ulrich Winter 12. Jorge Semprun's Speeches: Self-Fashioning and the Idea of Europe; Jaime Cespedes PART V: MARXIST AESTHETICS 13. Semprun and Lukacs: For a Marxist Reading of Le grand voyage; Antoine Bargel 14. Jorge Semprun, Brecht, and Theater; Jaime Cespedes Epilogue: Laudatio on the presentation of the Goethe Medal to Jorge Semprun, Weimar, February 2003; Ruth Kluger