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Designing gestural interfaces

Dan Saffer
Print Book, English, ©2009
O'Reilly Media, Sebastopol, Calif., ©2009
xviii, 247 pages : illustrations (chiefly colour) ; 24 cm
9780596518394, 0596518390
Ch. 1 Introducing interactive Gestures
Tap Is the New Click
Direct Versus Indirect Manipulation
A Brief History of Gestural Interfaces
The Mechanics of Touchscreens and Gestural Controllers
Designing Interactive Gestures: The Basics
Determining the Appropriate Gesture
Ch. 2 Designing for the Human Body
Basic Kinesiology
The Ergonomics of Interactive Gestures
The Ergonomics of Motion
Designing Touch Targets
Ch. 3 Patterns for Touchscreens and Interactive Surfaces
How to Use Patterns
Tap to Open/Activate
Tap to Select
Drag to Move Object
Slide to Scroll
Spin to Scroll
Slide and Hold for Continuous Scroll
Flick to Nudge
Fling to Scroll
Tap to Stop
Pinch to Shrink and Spread to Enlarge
Two Fingers to Scroll
Ghost Fingers
Ch. 4 Patterns for Free-Form Interactive Gestures
Proximity Activates/Deactivates
Move Body to Activate
Point to Select/Activate Wave to Activate
Place Hands Inside to Activate
Rotate to Change State
Step to Activate
Shake to Change
Tilt to Move
Ch. 5 Documenting Interactive Gestures
Why Document Anything?
Existing Movement Notation Systems
Documenting Gestures in Interactive Systems
Ch. 6 Prototyping Interactive Gestures
Faking It: Low-Fidelity Prototypes
High-Fidelity Prototypes
Testing Prototypes
Prototyping Resources
Ch. 7 Communicating Interactive Gestures
Three Zones of Engagement
Methods of Communicating Interactive Gestures
Ch. 8 The Future of Interactive Gestures
Future Trends
Toward Standards
The Ethics of Gestures
App. A Palette of Human Gestures and Movements
Gestures for Touchscreens
Gestures for Free-Form Systems
At head of cover: Touchscreens and interactive devices
Includes index