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Comprehensive management of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

Presenting highly pertinent scientific information, the book incorporates sound principles of management; interdisciplinary perspective, team work and methodology for imparting medical and pharmaceutical knowledge to patients. Topics such as psychosocial, spiritual and sexual function are examined and patient involvement in the care process is emphasised.
Print Book, English, 2002
Decker, Hamilton, 2002
VII, 372 Seiten Illustrationen, Diagramme 1 CD-ROM (12 cm)
9781550091748, 1550091743
1. Optimizing Medical Care Delivery of COPD2. Assessment of COPD3. Risk Factors in COPD4. Managing Tobacco Use and Addiction5. Pharmacologic Management of COPD6. Inhalation Devices7. Home Oxygen Therapy8. Managing Acute Exacerbation9. Controlling Breathlessness and Cough in COPD10. Energy Conservation and Fatigue11.Exercise Training in Patients with COPD12.Psychosocial Components: Controlling Anxiety and Stress13.Nutrition14.Sleep and COPD15.Sexuality16.Leisure, Recreation Activities and Travel17.Patient Education18.Advanced Terminal COPD19.Program Evaluation and Outcome Measurement