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The romance languages

This comprehensive survey examines the Romance languages from a wide variety of perspectives. Rebecca Posner's analysis combines philological expertise with insights drawn from modern theoretical linguistics, and relates linguistic features to historical and sociological factors. Her discussion is extensively illustrated with new and original data.
Print Book, English, 1996
Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 1996
XVII, 376 p., 5 p. de mapas 23 cm.
9780521281393, 9780521236546, 0521281393, 0521236541
Introduction; Part I. The Similarities: 1. What is a Romance language I; 2. What is a Romance language II; 3. Latin and Romance; 4. Convergence, inter-influence and parallel development; Part II. The Differences: 5. How many Romance languages?; 6. When did the Romance languages differentiate?; 7. How did the Romance languages differentiate?; 8. Sociolinguistic factors.