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Gender & sexuality : critical theories, critical thinkers

"This accessible introduction to gender and sexuality theory offers a comprehensive overview and critique of the key contemporary literature and debates in feminism, sexuality studies and men's studies. Chris Beasley's clear and concise introduction combines a wide-ranging survey of the major theorists and key concepts in an ever-growing and often passionately debated field. The book contextualizes a wide range of feminist perspectives, including: modernist, liberal, postmodern, queer and gender difference feminism; and in the realm of sexuality studies covers modernist liberationism, social constructionism, transgender theorising and queer theory. In men's studies, Chris Beasley examines areas of debate ranging from gender and masculinity to questions of race, ethnicity, imperialism and gay masculinities. Interconnections between the subfields are highlighted, and Beasley considers the implications of body theory for all three."--Publisher description
Print Book, English, 2005
SAGE, London, 2005
viii, 293 pages ; 25 cm
9780761969785, 9780761969792, 9781848600638, 0761969780, 0761969799, 1848600631
PART 1. GENDER//FEMINIST STUDIES. Gender and feminism: an overview
- Modernist emancipatory feminism: liberal feminism-Wollstonecraft to Wolf
- Liberal Feminism: Nussbaum
- Gender Difference Feminism: 'Women-centred' Identity Politics to Sexual Difference
Rich to Grosz
- Postmodern Psychoanalytic Feminism: Sexual Difference
- Differences: Feminism and `Race'//Ethnicity//Imperialism (REI)- Hooks to Spivak
- REI Feminism: Hooks
- Postmodern Feminism: Butler
- Queering Gender//Queer Feminism: Butler, Whittle
PART TWO. SEXUALITY STUDIES. Sexuality Studies: An Overview
- Modernist Liberationism: Altman
- Social Constructionism: Jackson, Weeks
- Social Constructionism: Weeks
- Transgender Theorising: Califia
- Queer Theory: Jagose, Seidman
PART THREE. GENDER//MASCULINITY STUDIES. Gender and Masculinity Studies: An Overview
- Gender, Masculinity//Men's Studies and Feminism: Brod
- Radical Pro-Feminism: Between Gender Difference and Categorical Social Constructionism
- Differences: Race//Ethnicity//Imperialism and Gay masculinities-Dowsett, Carbado
- Socialist Pro-Feminism and Relational Social Constructionism
- Queer(ing) Masculinity Studies: Female Masculinity
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