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Technology & the future

Print Book, English, ©2009
11th ed
Wadsworth Cengage Learning, Boston, MA, ©2009
xvii, 364 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm
9780495570523, 9781439083932, 0495570524, 1439083932
Part I: THINKING ABOUT TECHNOLOGY.1. Does Improved Technology Mean Progress? Leo Marx.2. How Society Shapes Technology, Robert Pool.3. The Technology of Shoelaces, Edward Tenner.4. Can Technology Replace Social Engineering? Alvin M. Weinberg.5. Technology and the Tragic View, Samuel C. Florman.6. Do Artifacts Have Politics? Langdon Winner.7. The Shock of the Old, David Edgerton.Part II: DEBATING TECHNOLOGY: 1960'S STYLE.8. The Role of Technology in Society, Emmanuel G. Mesthene.9. Technology: The Opiate of the Intellectuals, John McDermott.Part III: DEBATING TECHNOLOGY: 21ST CENTURY STYLE.10. Why the Future Doesn't Need Us, Bill Joy.11. A Response to Bill Joy and the Doom-and-Gloom Technofuturists, John Seely Brown and Paul Duguid.12. Promise and Peril, Ray Kurzweil.Part IV: TECHNOLOGICAL DILEMMAS OF THE 21ST CENTURY.13. The Science Behind Climate Change, William Collins, et al.14. How to Protect Against and Prepare for Terrorist Attacks, The 9-11 Commission.15. Civil Liberties in a Time of Crisis, James X. Dempsey.16. Stem Cell Research: The Great Moral Divide, Christopher Thomas Scott.17. And Baby Makes Three—or Four, or Five, or Six: Defining the Family After the Genetic Revolution, R. Alta Charo.18. The Case Against Perfection, Michael J. Sandel.19. Some Possible Legal and Social Implications of Advances in Neuroscience, Henry T. Greely.Part V: SOCIAL AND ETHICAL ISSUES IN INFORMATION AND COMMUNICATIONS TECHNOLOGY.20. An Unforeseen Revolution: Computers and Expectations, 1935-1985, Paul Ceruzzi.21. Why I Am Not Going to Buy a Computer, Wendell Berry.22. Computer Ethics, Deborah G. Johnson.23. The Internet Under Siege, Lawrence Lessig.24. The Humpty Dumpty Problem, Mitchell Kapor.25. Being Human in the Age of the Electronic Mob, Lee Siegel.Part VI: GOVERNING TECHNOLOGY.26. Government and Technology, Albert H. Teich.27. Governance Challenges of Technological Revolutions, Francis Fukuyama and Caroline Wagner.