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The other half of gender : men's issues in development

This book is an attempt to bring the gender and development debate full circle-from a much-needed focus on empowering women to a more comprehensive gender framework that considers gender as a system that affects both women and men. The chapters in this book explore definitions of masculinity and male identities in a variety of social contexts, drawing from experiences in Latin America, the Caribbean and sub-Saharan Africa. It draws on a slowly emerging realization that attaining the vision of gender equality will be difficult, if not impossible, without changing the ways in which masculinities are defined and acted upon. Although changing male gender norms will be a difficult and slow process, we must begin by understanding how versions of masculinities are defined and acted upon
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9780821365052, 9780821365069, 0821365053, 0821365061
Men's issues in development / Joyce P. Jacobsen
Men's gender relations, identity, and work-family balance in Latin America / José Olavarría
Men's participation as fathers in Latin America and the Caribbean: critical literature review and policy options / Gary Barker
The role of men in families in the Caribbean: a historical perspective / Barry Chevannes
Masculinity and violence in Colombia: deconstructing the conventional way of becoming a man / Fredy Hernán Gómez Alcaraz and Carlos Iván García Suárez
Growing up poor and male in the Americas: reflections from research and practice with young men in low-income communities in Rio de Janeiro / Gary Barker
Fearing Africa's young men: male youth, conflict, urbanization, and the case of Rwanda / Marc Sommers
Young men and the construction of masculinity in sub-Saharan Africa: implications for HIV/AIDS, conflict, and violence / Gary Barker and Christine Ricardo
Young men and gender in war and postwar reconstruction: some comparative findings from Liberia and Sierra Leone / Paul Richards
Collapsing livelihoods and the crisis of masculinity in rural Kenya / Mary Amuyunzu-Nyamongo and Paul Francis
Gender and its discontents: moving to men-streaming development / Maria C. Correia and Ian Bannon
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