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Essays and studies, 1998 : Romanticism and gender

Anne F. Janowitz (Editor), Gary Kelly (Author), Mary A. Favret (Author), William Keach (Author), Josephine McDonagh (Author), Sonia Hofkosh (Author), Emma Francis (Author), Daria Donnelly (Author), Bridget Bennett (Author), Ira Livingston (Author), English Association
The essays in this volume, written by both established and newer critics, take up a range of issues and question assumptions about what Romantic literature is, as well as what its periodic boundaries might be. The essays address problems of the relation between class and gender, imperialism and gender identity, and gender and genre within the period understood as stretching from the 1770s to the late 1820s. Is Romanticism a mode or an historical period? Does it include American poets? Taken as a group, this collection of papers gives a good indication of the roads that students of Romanticism may follow well into the next century. -- Preface
Print Book, English, ©1998
D.S. Brewer, Cambridge, ©1998
176 pages : illustrations ; 23 cm
9780859915267, 0859915263
- Gary Kelly - Mary A. Favret - Ira Livingston - William Keach - Josephine McDonagh - Anne Janowitz - Bridget Bennett - Sonia Hofkosh - Daria Donnelly - Emma Francis
Essays and studies 1998 is volume fifty-one in the new series of essays and studies collected on behalf of the English Association