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The hospital mission : incidents and experiences

Print Book, English, 1918
The Press of Augsburg Publishing House, Minneapolis, 1918
137 pages : illustrations, portraits ; 18 cm
Foreword by the Translator
Some kind words by Prof. Dr. Stub
"The hospital mission in the Twin Cities"
"Better publish these articles in book form"
Author's forewords
"I was sick, and ye visited me"
Hospital or Lazaret
The expenses
Could people not escape going to a hospital?
Surgical operations
Whence come all these sick people?
Companions in misery in the tuberculosis hospitals
Cure of consumption
A glad day at Thomas Hospital
Sad and also glorious funerals
"What's the best word today?"
What has become of my son, my daughter?
My first visit to Glen Lake Hospital
A father made happy
"What can I do for you today?"
A matter of money
The love of a good daughter for her poor mother
"The hardest of all to bear"
"Now I need no more money"
At the City Hospital
Many letters, gifts and good wishes
Kind words from "A Patient" in "Budbæreren"
Heaven in the hospitals
"We found Heaven in the hospitals"
Some sad and some happy incidents
A letter
The poorest of the poor
A happy day at Hopewell
Some more letters
"Ashamed before God"
"The room is full of angels"
A death, a baptism and a funeral
Miraculous conversion
A letter sent to Sweden and its answer
Christmas 1916 in Minneapolis hospitals
Christmas cards to patients
The unpardonable sin
The hospitals
The City Hospital
St. Barnabas Hospital
The Swedish Hospital
The Deconess Hospital
Thomas Hospital
Fairview Hospital
St. Mary's Hospital
Lymanhurst Hospital
Asbury Hospital
Eitel Hospital
Biornstad Clinic and Sanatorium
University Hospital
Glen Lake Sanitarium
St. Paul Hospitals
St. Paul Hospital
Bethesda Hospital
St. John's Hospital
Who is the best doctor?
Which of these hospitals is the best for me?
Some words from Rev. J.A. Bergh
Death's harvest is great
James Thorstad
In conclusion
Translation of: Hospitalsmissionen i Tvillingbyerne : øplevelser og erfaringer
Translated from the Norwegian