Front cover image for Concise guide to entrepreneurship, technology and innovation

Concise guide to entrepreneurship, technology and innovation

David B. Audretsch (Editor), Christopher S. Hayter (Editor), Albert N. Link (Editor)
The Concise Guide to Entrepreneurship, Technology and Innovation brings together internationally recognized scholars to summarize the state of knowledge about fundamental topics in entrepreneurship, technology, and innovation.
Print Book, English, 2016
Edward Elgar, Cheltenham, UK, 2016
XVII, 262 str. : ilustr. ; 24 cm.
9781783474189, 9781783474196, 9781783474202, 1783474181, 178347419X, 1783474203
Academic entrepreneurship / Damien Organ
Backdoor entrepreneurship / Gideon D. Markman
Bootstrapping finance / Hans Landström
Culture and innovation / Andrew J. Nelson and Stefano Cazzago
Determinants of entrepreneurship : the quest for the entrepreneurial gene / Roy Thurik
Disruptive technology / Uwe Cantner and Eko Agus Prasetio
Education, entrepreneurship and the unreasonable / Michaael H. Moris
Engineering research centers / Andrew Kao and Barry Bozeman
Entrepreneurial buyouts / Mike Wright
Entrepreneurial networks / G. Tyge Payne
Entrepreneurial risk and uncertainty / Dennis Patrick Leyden
The entrepreneurship theory jungle / Donald F. Kuratko, David B. Audretsch and Albert N. Link
Evolution of the concept of entrepreneurship / Mark Casson
Family business and innovation / Alfredo De Massis
Family business entrepreneurship / Erik E. Lehmann and Katharine Wirsching
Habitual entrepreneurs / Paul Westhead and Mike Wright
Harnessing radical innovation / Lois S. Peters
Impact of entrepreneurship / Simon Parker
Incubators and accelerators / Vivek Ghosal
Innovating through licensing / Denise Dunlap
Managing creativity / Minkia Herzig
Nascent entrepreneurship / Per Davidsson
Open innovation / Joel West
Proof of concept centers / Christopher S. Hayter
Protecting university patents while pursuing the public good / Jacob H. Rooksby
Public sector entrepreneurship / Dennis Patrick Leyden and Albert N. Link
Research and technology alliances
Returnee entrepreneurs / Xiaohui Liu
Risk funding / Silvio Vismara
Seed and venture capital / Sophie Manigari, Thomas Standaert and Tom Vanacker
Serial entrepreneurship / Andrew Burke
Social entrepreneurship / Gordon E. Shockley and Anthony Talarico
Spatial elements of innovation / Heike Mayer
Student entrepreneurship / Christopher S. Hayter
Technology transfer and cluster interactions / Will Geoghegan
Technology transfer from public institutions / Craig Boardman
Technology transfer from public institutions / Craig Boardman
Technology transfer from universities / James A. Cunningham
Technology transfer models / Samantha R. Bradley
Underexplored issues in entrepreneurial finance / Jürgen Hanssens, Marc Deloof and Tom Vanacker
University-derived entrepreneurship / Martin Kenney
University-industry relations / Markus Perkmann
University research parks / Albert N. Link
University technology transfer offices / Conor O'Kane
University venture funds / Phillip H. Phan
Valuing an entrepreneurial enterprise / David B. Audretsch and Albert N. Link