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Music, sound, and technology in America : a documentary history of early phonograph, cinema, and radio

Timothy Dean Taylor (Editor), Mark Katz (Editor), Tony Grajeda (Editor)
An anthology of primary documents that collects material from the end of the 19th century up through World War II on the material history of sound technologies and music in America. It is divided into three sections: on the phonograph, sound in the cinema (including musical accompaniment), and music on radio.
Print Book, English, 2012
Duke University Press, Durham, 2012
Criticism, interpretation, etc
410 str. : ilustr. ; 24 cm.
9780822349464, 9780822349273, 0822349469, 0822349272
General Introduction: Music Technologies in Everyday Life / Timothy D. Taylor 1 Part 1. Sound Recording Introduction / Mark Katz 11 Sound Recording: Readings 29 Predictions 29 The Listener and the Phonograph 44 Learning to Listen 44 The Phonograph in Everyday Life 48 The Phonograph and Music Appreciation 65 Men, Women, and Phonographs 70 Music and the Great War 78 Performers and the Phonograph 84 In the Recording Studio 84 The Phonograph and Music Pedagogy 94 The Phonograph and the Composer 104 The Composer in the Machine Age 104 The Phonograph as a Compositional Tool 110 Phonograph Debates 113 Con 113 Pro 126 Part II. Cinema Introduction / Tony Grajeda 137 Cinema: Readings 145 Technologies of Sight and Sound 145 Sounds of the Cinema: Illustrated Song Slides; The Role of the Voice (lecturers, actors); Incidental Musics, Special Effects, Ballyhoo, and Noise of the Audience 153 Playing to the Pictures 173 Performative Accompaniment 173 The Organist of the Picture Palace 192 Conducting and Scoring to the Movies 200 Taste, Culture, and Educating the Public 212 Responding to the Talkies 226 Part III. Radio Introduction / Timothy D. Taylor 239 Radio: Readings 255 Radio as Dream, Radio as Technology 255 Early Broadcasts: Performer and Listener Impressions 266 Radio in Everyday Life 275 Healing 279 Economics of Radio Broadcasting 285 Advertising 288 Music on the Radio 301 Con 301 Pro 305 What Do Listeners Want? 311 Crooning 316 Radio Behind the Scenes 324 Getting on the Air 324 Talent 340 Production behind the Scenes 344 Composing for the Radio 354 How to Listen to Music on the Radio 361 Notes 367 References 387 Index 399