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GPU solutions to multi-scale problems in science and engineering

This book covers the new topic of GPU computing with many applications involved, taken from diverse fields such as networking, seismology, fluid mechanics, nano-materials, data-mining, earthquakes, mantle convection, visualization. It will show the public why GPU computing is important and easy to use. It will offer a reason why GPU computing is useful and how to implement codes in an everyday situation
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Initial-value problems associated with viscoelasticity in the geosciences.- The geophysical phenomenon of Glacial Isostatic Adjustment.- Initial Value Approach with the MOL.- Elastic and Viscoelastic Responses.- Current Numerical Methods for integrating VIP.- GPU Hardware aspects.- GPU Software aspects.- Philosophy of GPU Implementation of the MOL in VIP problems.- Code conversion versus Code implementation using CUDA or Open CL.- Examples of Postglacial Rebound.- Future Perspectives of VIP on GPU.