Front cover image for Southern literature from 1579-1895; a comprehensive review, with copious extracts and criticisms for the use of schools and the general reader

Southern literature from 1579-1895; a comprehensive review, with copious extracts and criticisms for the use of schools and the general reader

Print Book, English, 1895
B.F. Johnson Pub. Co., Richmond, 1895
Criticism, interpretation, etc
514 pages illustrations 20 cm
9780527608200, 0527608203
First period ... 1579-1750
Rescue of Captain Smith by Pocahontas ; Our right to those countries ; Ascent of the River James / John Smith
A storm off the Bermudas / William Strachey
North Carolina ; Harvest home of the Indians / John Lawson
Selecting the site of Richmond and Petersburg, 1733 ; A visit to Ex-governor Spotswood, 1732 ; Dismal swamp, 1728 ; The Tuscarora Indians and their legend of a Christ, 1729 / William Byrd
Second period ... 1750-1800
A patriot in the tower / Henry Laurens
An honest man ; How to answer calumny ; Conscience ; On his appointment as Commander-in-Chief, 1775 ; A military dinner-party ; Advice to a favorite nephew ; Farewell address to the people of the United States, 1796 / George Washington
Remark on slavery, 1788 ; Not bound by state lines
If this be treason, 1765 ; The famous revolution speech, 1775 / Patrick Henry
George III.'s abdication of power in America / William Henry Drayton
Political maxims ; Religious opinions at the age of twenty ; Scenery at Harper's Ferry, and at the Natural Bridge ; On freedom of religious opinion ; Of the discourses of Christ ; Religious freedom (the Act of 1786) ; Letter to his daughter ; Jefferson's last letter, 1826 / Thomas Jefferson
British treaty with the Cherokees, 1755 ; Sergeant Jasper at Fort Moultrie, 28 June, 1776 ; Sumpter and Marion / David Ramsay
Opinion of Lafayette ; Plea for a republic ; Character of Washington / James Madison
Resignation, or days of my youth / St. George Tucker
Power of the Supreme Court ; The duties of a judge / John Marshall
Capture of Fort Motte by Lee and Marion, 1780 ; The father of his country / Henry Lee
The Hatchet story / Mason Locke Weems
A revolutionary object lesson in the cause of patriotism, 1775 ; The battle of Noewee, 1776 / John Drayton
The blind preacher (James Waddell) ; Mr. Henry against John Hook / William Wirt
Revision of the State constitution, 1829 / John Randolph
Jefferson's preference for country life ; Establishment of the University of Virginia / George Tucker
Third period ... 1800-1850
To be right above all ; No geographical lines in patriotism ; Military insubordination / Henry Clay
The star-spangled banner / Francis Scott Key
The mocking-bird ; The humming-bird / John James Audubon
The duel between Randolph and Clay / Thomas Hart Benton
War and peace ; System of our government ; Defense of nullification ; The wise choice ; Official patronage / John Caldwell Calhoun
The partisan leader / Nathaniel Beverley Tucker
Spelling and grammar: prologue to his autobiography ; On a bear-hunt ; Motto: Be sure you are right / David Crockett
My life is like the summer rose / Richard Henry Wilde
Ned Brace at church ; A sage conversation / Augustus Baldwin Longstreet
State sovereignty and liberty / Robert Young Hayne
Cause of the Texan War of Independence ; Battle of San Jacinto ; How to deal with the Indians / Sam Houston
Literary society in Columbia, S.C., 1825 / William Campbell Preston
A country gentleman in Virginia ; His wife ; How Horse-Shoe and Andrew captured five men / John Pendleton Kennedy
Commerce and wealth vs. war ; Demosthenes' courage ; A duke's opinion of Virginia, North and South Carolina, and Georgia, 1825 / Hugh Swinton Legaré
The daughter of Mendoza / Mirabeau Buonaparte Lamar
The first Indian baptism in America ; Virginia Dare, the first English child born in America ; The lost colony of Roanoke / Francis Lister Hawks
The closing year ; Paragraphs / George Denison Prentice
A health ; Song: we break the glass / Edward Coate Pinkney
Louisiana in 1750-1770 ; The tree of the dead / Charles Etienne Arthur Gayarré
The gulf stream ; Deep-sea soundings ; Heroic death of Lieutenant Herndon / Matthew Fontaine Maury
The poet's vision ; The doom of Occonestoga ; Marion, the "Swamp-Fox" / William Gilmore Simms
to his son ; Human virtue
-at the surrender ; His last order, 1865 ; Letter accepting the presidency of Washington College / Robert Edward Lee
Trip to Kentucky at seven years of age and visit to General Jackson ; Life of the president of the United States ; Farewell to the Senate, 1861 / Jefferson Davis
To Helen ; Israfel ; Happiness ; The raven / Edgar Allan Poe
Farewell to the senate, 1861 / Robert Toombs
To Cadiz from Havanna, 1855 / Octavia Walton Le Vert
Woman's duty / Louisa Susannah M'Cord
Virginians in a new country / Joseph G. Baldwin
Laws of government ; Sketch in the senate, 1850 ; True courage / Alexander Hamilton Stephens
Red eagle, or Weatherford / Alexander Beaufort
Florence Vane / Philip Pendleton Cooke
Bivouac of the dead / Theodore O'Hara
Fourth period ... 1850-1895
Osceola, leader of the Seminoles / George Rainsford Fairbanks
Mr. Hezekiah Ellington's recovery / Richard Malcolm Johnston
Ashby ; Music in the camp / John Reuben Thompson
Relations between England and America / Jabez Lamar Monroe Curry
The shade of the trees / Margaret Junkin Preston
Big John on the Cherokees / Charles Henry Smith ("Bill Arp")
Burning of Jamestown in 1676 / St. George H. Tucker
Jud Brownin's account of Rubinstein's playing / George William Bagby
A Confederate exile on his way to Mexico / Sarah Anne Dorsey
Life ever seems ; English Katie ; Hymn for Magnolia Cemetery / Henry Timrod
The mocking-bird (at night) ; Sonnet
October ; A dream of the south wind / Paul Hamilton Hayne
The races in Virginia, 1765 / John Esten Cooke
Changes wrought by the war / Zebulon Baird Vance
To the mocking-bird / Albert Pike
Major Jones's Christmas present / William Tappan Thompson
The victory at Yorktown ; Washington and Lee / James Barron Hope
The beautiful and the poetical / James Wood Davidson
Salzburger settlement in Georgia / Charles Colcock Jones, Jr
Letter describing Mary [Ball] Washington when a young girl ; Madam Washington at the Peace Ball / Mary Virginia Terhune ("Marion Harland")
A learned and interesting conversation / Augusta Evans Wilson
The land where we were dreaming / Daniel Bedinger Lucas
My Maryland / James Ryder Randall
Abram Joseph Ryan
Dreaming in the trenches / William Gordon McCabe
Song of the Chattahoochee ; What is music? ; The tide rising in the marshes / Sidney Lanier
Sports of a Kentucky school in 1795 / James Lane Allen
The tar-baby / Joel Chandler Harris
Fair daughter of the son ; Dedication
a sonnet / Robert Burns Wilson
Ascent of Mt. Mitchell, N.C. / "Christian Reid," Frances C. Tiernan
The South before the War / Henry Woodfen Grady
Marse Chan's last battle / Thomas Nelson Page
The "Harnt" that walks Chilhowee / Mary Noailles Murfree, ("Charles Egbert Craddock")
The spirit and the wood-sparrow / Danske Dandridge
Tanis / Amélie Rives Chanler
La grande demoiselle / Grace King
Sidney Lanier / Waitman Barbe
The whippoorwill / Madison Cawein