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Dramatis personae

Robert Browning (Author), Chapman and Hall (Publisher), William Clowes and Sons (Printer)
Print Book, English, 1864
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Chapman and Hall, 193 Piccadilly, London, 1864
English poetry 19th century
3 preliminary leaves, 250 pages ; 20 cm (8vo)
James Lee
Gold hair: a legend of Pornic
The worst of it
Dîs aliter visum; or, Le Byron de nos jours
Too late
Abt Vogler
Rabbi Ben Ezra
A death in the desert
Caliban upon Setebos; or, Natural theology in the island
May and death
Youth and art
A face
A likeness
Mr. Sludge "the medium"
Apparent failure
The first printing of 'Rabbi Ben Ezra'--'Grow old along with me...'." See Magee, Victoria R.I., entry 147