Front cover image for Elegy written in a country churchyard

Elegy written in a country churchyard

Thomas Gray, T. Bagg (Wood engraver), G. Barret (Illustrator), J. Baxter (Wood engraver), Samuel Bentley (Printer), William Boxall (Illustrator), John Byfield (Wood engraver), Augustus Wall Callcott (Illustrator), George Cattermole (Illustrator), John James Chalon (Illustrator), William Collins (Illustrator), John Constable (Illustrator), Abraham Cooper (Illustrator), Peter DeWint (Illustrator), Copley Fielding (Illustrator), Thales Fielding (Illustrator), Charles Gray (Wood engraver), Mark M. Hart (Wood engraver), S. A. Hart (Illustrator), Frank Howard (Illustrator), Henry Howard (Illustrator), John Jackson (Wood engraver), Ebenezer Landells (Wood engraver), Charles Landseer (Illustrator), Thomas Landseer (Illustrator), John Martin, William Mulready (Illustrator), J. H. Nixon (Illustrator), William Henry Powis (Wood engraver), Samuel Machin Slader (Wood engraver), J. Smith (Wood engraver), C. R. Stanley (Illustrator), Thomas Stothard (Illustrator), John Thompson (Wood engraver), John Van Voorst (Publisher), Richard Westall (Illustrator), William Westall (Illustrator), Henry White (Wood engraver), Samuel Williams (Wood engraver), Thomas Williams (Wood engraver), John William Wright (Illustrator), Branston and Wright (Wood engraver), Sly and Wilson (Wood engraver)
Print Book, English, 1836
John Van Voorst, 3, Paternoster Row, London, 1836
illustrated books
viii pages, 32 unnumbered leaves of plates : illustrations ; 29 cm
Each leaf accompanied by guard sheet
Engraved on wood by C. Gray (6), J. Jackson (4), J. Byfield (3), T. Williams (3), T. Bagg (2), Branston and Wright (2), S. Slader (2), J. Thompson (2), J. Baxter (1), M. Hart (1), E. Landells (1), W.H. Powis (1), Sly and Wilson (1), J. Smith (1), H. White (1), S. Williams (1)
Illustrations by J. Constable, R.A. (3), G. Barret (2), G. Cattermole (2), Copley Fielding (2), S.A. Hart, A.R.A. (2), Frank Howard (2), H. Howard (2), J.W. Wright (2), W. Boxall (1), A.W. Callcott, R.A. (1), J.J. Chalon, A.R.A. (1), W. Collins, R.A. (1), A. Cooper, R.A. (1), P. Dewint (1), Thales Fielding (1), Charles Landseer (1), Thomas Landseer (1), W. Mulready, R.A. (1), J.H. Nixon (1), C.R. Stanley (1), T. Stothard, R.A. (1), R. Westall, R.A. (1), W. Westall, A.R.A. (1)
Introduction by John Martin
Library's copy bound in green cloth; stamped in gold on spine; gilt edges
Vignette on t.p. engraved by W.H. Powis after a drawing by J. Constable, R.A