Front cover image for E-topia : "Urban life, Jim--but not as we know it"

E-topia : "Urban life, Jim--but not as we know it"

"The global digital network is not just a delivery system for email, Web pages, and digital television. It is a whole new form of urban infrastructure - one that will change the forms of our cities as dramatically as railroads, highways, electric power supply, and telephone networks did in the past. In this book, William J. Mitchell examines this new infrastructure and its implications for our future daily lives."--Back cover
Print Book, English, 2000, ©1999
MIT Press, Cambridge, 2000, ©1999
184 pages
9780262632058, 9780262133555, 0262632055, 0262133555
Prologue: urban requiem
March of the meganets
Telematics takes command
Software: new genius of the place
Computers for living in
Homes and neighborhoods
Getting together
Reworking the workplace
The teleserviced city
The economy of presence
Lean and green