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Understanding the Brain : Towards a New Learning Science

This book examines how new scientific developments in understanding how the brain works can help educators and educational policy makers develop new and more efficient methods for teaching and developing educational policies. This new ""science of learning"" is providing insights into how to improve reading and mathematical skills and highlights the significance of the distinction between nature and nurture in learning and brain development. The book focuses on the importance of developing a trans-disciplinary approach where teachers, the medical profession, and scientists work together
eBook, English, 2002
Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, Paris, 2002
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9781280083860, 9786610083862, 9789264174986, 1280083867, 661008386X, 9264174982
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Foreword; Table of Contents; Acknowledgements; Introduction; 1. What is the balance between nature and nurture in the promotion of successful learning?; 2. How important are the early years to successful lifelong learning?; 3. How significant is the distinction between "natural development" and "cultural education"?; 4. If the distinction is significant, how can we best promote these two types of learning ... ; 5. How far is the successful learning of specific attitudes, skills and knowledge age-related?; 6. Why is remedial education so difficult? 7. What can be said about different "styles of learning"?8. What is intelligence?; 9. What is emotional intelligence?; 10. How does motivation work?; Part I. Premises; Chapter 1. The Education Context; Chapter 2. How Cognitive Neuroscience Can Inform Education Policies and Practices; Part II. Cognitive Neuroscience Meets Education; Chapter 3. The Three Fora; Chapter 4. Learning Seen from a Neuroscientific Approach; Part III. Conclusion; Chapter 5. The Way Ahead; Annex. Agendas of the Three Fora; Brain Mechanisms and Early Learning First High Level Forum, 16-17 June 2000, Sackler ... Brain Mechanisms and Youth Learning Second High Level Forum, 1-3 February 2001 ... Brain Mechanisms and Learning in Ageing Third High Level Forum, 26-27 April 2001 ... ; References; Glossary; Index