Front cover image for The Spanish ulcer : a history of the Peninsular War

The Spanish ulcer : a history of the Peninsular War

Print Book, English, 1986
Norton, New York, 1986
xiv, 557 pages : illustrations, maps, portraits ; 25 cm
9780393022810, 0393022811
pt. 1. Introduction: The origins of the Peninsular War. The Iberian theatre
pt. 2. Reaping the whirlwind: The Spanish in revolt. The intractable north. Britain intervenes. The French resurgent. The British campaign in Spain, 1808-9. Victor on the Guadiana. The return to Saragossa
pt. 3. Guerre à outrance: Soult's invasion of Portugal, Spring 1809. A crisis in the north-west. A tale of two cities. The Talavera campaign. The junta's autumn offensive, 1809
pt. 4. Castles in Spain: Massena's invasion of Portugal, 1810-11. The harassed vistory : Soult in Andalusia. The war in the west and south, 1810-1811. Defiant Catalonia, December 1809-10. Political, economic and military undercurrents, c1810-12
pt. 5. The turning of the tide: Suchet invades Valencia. Forcing Spain's gates. The Salamanca campaign. Madrid and Moscow
pt. 6. The advance to the Pyrenees, 1813. The repercussions of Vitoria : the collapse in the south-east. The "Battle of the Pyrenees". Twilight. The last days