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Reuse techniques for VLSI design

Reuse Techniques for VLSI Design is a reflection on the current state of the art in design reuse for microelectronic systems. More general systems or case studies, e.g., metrics, are followed by comprehensive reuse systems, e.g., reuse management systems partly including business models.
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Figures. Tables. Preface. 1. ECSI, VSIA and MEDEA - How International Organisations Support Reusability; A. Sauer. 2. Analysing the Cost of Design for Reuse; I. Moussa, et al. 3. A Flexible Classification Model for Reuse of Virtual Components; N. Faulhaber, R. Seepold. 4. An Integrated Approach Towards a Corporate Design Reuse Strategy; U. Schlichtmann, B. Wurth. 5. Design Methodology for IP Providers; J. Haase, et al. 6. Hard IP Reuse Methodology for Embedded Cores; W. Eisenmann, et al. 7. A Reuse Library Approach in Engineering Context; S. Müller. 8. Aspects of Reuse in the Design of Mixed-Signal Systems; F. Heuschen, et al. 9. Design Reuse Experiment for Analog Modules `Dream'; V. Meyer zu Bexten, A. Stürmer. 10. Redesign of an MPEG-2-HDTV Video Decoder Considering Reuse aspects; H.-J. Brand, et al. 11. Reuse Concepts in Gropius; D. Eisenbiegler, C. Blumenröhr. 12. Legal Aspects of Reuse of Intellectual Property; R. Vogel. 13. References. Index.