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I. Solid State Sintering.- Towards the Understanding of the Process of Sintering.- Rate Controlled Sintering Revisited.- On the Mechanism of Grain Boundary Elimination from Sintering Neck.- Effect of Particle Size Distribution on Sintering.- Contribution to Investigation of the Sintering Process from the Point of Sintering Diagrams.- Dislocation Structure of Nickel Powder and its Role in the Sintering Process.- II. Fine Particles.- Twin Formation During Sintering of Micron and Submicron Sized Copper Particles.- Surface Relaxation, Dynamics of Geometric Structure and Macrokinetics of Densification During Sintering of Ultrafine Powders.- Theoretical Analysis of Metal Particle Cooling in the Rotating Electrode Process.- Preparation of Molybdenum Powders by Rotating Electrode Process.- Variable Influencing the Sintering of MgO.- III. Activated Sintering.- Activated Sintering.- Dislocation-Activated Sintering Processes.- The Dependence of Sinterability of Ni-Added W-Powder Compact on the Contact Neck Size of W-Particles.- Metal Activated Recrystallization and Creep of Tungsten Fibres.- IV. Liquid Phase Sintering.- Macropore Filling During Hot Isostatic Pressing of Liquid Phase Sintered Ceramics.- Formation of Residual Porosities During Liquid Phase Sintering of W-Ni-Fe.- Fundamental Study of the Later Stages of Liquid Phase Sintering of a Ni Base P/M Superalloy-Metallographic Observations on Quenched Supersolidus-Sintered Materials.- Observation of Liquid Phase Sintering of a High Speed Steel Powder.- V. Hot Pressing and Hot Isostatic Pressing.- The Processing of a Permalloy-Magnetite Composite by Hydrothermal Reaction Sintering.- Densification During Hot Isostatic Pressing of a High Temperature Ni-Alloy.- The Preparation of Very Small Grain Size Compacts of Lead Telluride.- Microstructural Features of Transparent PLZT Ceramics.- Sintering and Microstructure of PZT-ZrO2 Composites.- VI. Sintering of Multiphase Systems.- Sintering in Chemically Heterogeneous Systems.- Calculation of Phase Diagrams.- Structural Evolution During the Sintering of SnO2 and SnO2-2 Mole% CuO.- Inhibition of the Grain Growth in PZT Ceramics by Doping with Neodymium Oxide.- Controlled Grain Growth in Ceramics.- Influence of Dewatering of the Yttrium-Zirconium Hidroxide Precipitates on the Sintering Behaviour of Their Calcined Products.- Sintering and Microstructure Development in the System BaTiO3-CaTiO3-TiO2.- The Influence of Aggregates on the Sintering of MgCr2O4-TiO2 Solid Solution.- The Influence of Sintering Parameters and Subsequent Thermal Treatment on U-I Characteristics and Degradation of ZnO Varistors.- Sintering of Alumina in Oxygen and Nitrogen Containing Liquids.- Chemically Driven Pore Growth.- Magnetic Properties of Sintered Fe-Sn Cores.- The Influence of Structural Factors on Mechanical Properties of Sintered Materials.- Sintering of Iron Powder with an Addition of Ferromanganese.- VII. Non-Oxide Ceramics.- Effect of Additives on the Cold Compaction Behaviour of SiC Powder.- Sintering of Nonmetallic Nitrides.- New Experimental Data in the C-Fe-W, C-Co-W, C-Fe-Ni-W and C-Co-Ni-W Systems Application to Sintering Conditions of Cemented Carbides Optimization of Steel Binder Composition by Partial Factorial Experimens.- VIII. International Cooperation.- International Cooperation in High Technology Ceramics.- International Program Committee.- Contributors.
"Proceedings of the Institute for the Science of Sintering, VI World Round Table Conference on Sintering, held September 2-6, 1985, in Herceg-Novi, Yugoslavia"--Title page verso
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