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Imre Lakatos and the guises of reason

Chinese cultural and intellectual politics waned after the Tiananmen Square incident. This volume explores their revitalisation in the 1990s.
Print Book, English, 2001
Duke University Press, Durham, NC, 2001
xx, 378 pages : illustrations ; 25 cm
9780822326496, 9780822326601, 0822326493, 0822326604
Preface vii1. The Making of the Post-Tiananmen Intellectual Field: A Critical Overview / Xudong Zhang 1Part I. Against the Neoliberal Dogma: Four Arguments from China 2. Debating Liberalism and Democracy in China in the 1990s / Gan Yang 793. Whither China? The Discourse on Property Rights Reform in China / Zhiyuan Chi 1034. The Changing Role of Government in China / Shaoguang Wang 1235. Contemporary Chinese Thought and the Question of Modernity / Wang Hui 161Post-Tiananmen Art 199Part II. In the Global Context 6. King Kong in Hong Kong: Watching the "Handover" from the U.S.A. / Rey Chow 2117. The Burdens of History: Lin Zexu (1959) and the Opium War (1997) / Rebecca E. Karl 2298. Mao to the Market / Peter Hitchcock 2639. Chinese Consumerism and the Politics of Envy: Cargo in the 1990s? / Louisa Schein 28510. Nationalism, Mass Culture, and Intellectual Strategies in Post-Tiananmen China / Xudong Zhang 31511. Street Scenes of Subalternity: China, Globalization, and Rights / Michael Dutton 349Appendix. In the Tiger's Lair: Socialist Everydayness Enters the Market Economy in Post-Mao China / Harry D. Harootunian 371Contributors 383Index 385