Front cover image for Governing access to essential resources

Governing access to essential resources

Katharina Pistor (Editor), Olivier de Schutter (Editor)
This book argues that essential resources ought to be governed by a combination of Voice and Reflexivity: the ability of social groups to choose the rules by which they are governed and the opportunity to question one's own preferences in light of competing claims and to accommodate them in a collective learning process.
Print Book, English, 2015
Columbia University Press, New York, 2015
Cross-cultural studies
379 pages ; 24 cm
9780231172783, 9780231540766, 0231172788, 0231540760
Introduction, towards voice and reflexivity / Olivier De Schutter & Katharina Pistor
Land's essentiality and land governance / Derek Hall
Governing boundaries : exclusion, essential resources, and sustainability / Edella Schlager
Property theory, essential resources, and the global land rush / Hanoch Dagan
Multiplicity : water, rules and the making of connections in Mumbai / Nikhil Anand
Voice, reflexivity and say : governing access to and control of land in China / Eva Pils
Tenure security and exclusion processes in peri-urban areas and rural hinterlands of West African cities / Alain Durand-Lasserve
Redirecting regulation? : land titling and Cambodia's post-neoliberal conjuncture / Michael B. Dwyer
Erosion of essential resources in neoliberal India : a bottom-up view / Vamsi Vakulabharana
Comparing water access regimes under conditions of scarcity : the tale of two communities in the US / Michael Cox
Go with the flow : lessons from water management and water markets for essential resources / Vanessa Cassado-Pérez
Ecology : water governance's missing link / Scott McKenzie
Water scarcity in Moroco : voice, narrative and essential resource governance / John Hursh
Solving trans-border water issues in changing climate scenarios of South-Asia : a theoretical illustration using a principal-agent bargaining approach / Nilhari Neupane
Voice and reflexivity in essential resources : reforming the community land regime in Kenya / Laila Macharia
Do traditional institutions matter in participatory essential resource governance systems in Zimbabwe? / Manase Kudzai Chiweshe
Local corporations : an organizational form to reduce information costs and maintain supportive resources / James Krueger