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Electric machinery

Emphasises on fundamental principles and physical understanding. This book covers fundamental concepts in detail as well as advanced topics for readers who wish to cover the material in depth. It also includes a chapter on power electronics, as well as one on speed and torque control of dc and ac motors.
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1 Magnetic Circuits and Magnetic Materials2 Transformers3 Electromechanical Energy Conversion Principles4 Introduction to Rotating Machines5 Synchronous Machines6 Polyphase Induction Machines 7 DC Machines8 Variable-Reluctance Machines and Stepping Motors9 Single- and Two-Phase Motors10 Introduction to Power Electronics11 Speed and Torque ControlAppendix A Three-Phase CircuitsAppendix B Voltages, Magnetic Fields, and Inductances of Distributed AC WindingsAppendix C The dq0 Transformation Appendix D Engineering Aspects of Practical Electric Machine Performance and OperationAppendix E Table of Constants and Conversion Factors for SI Units