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Critics of capitalism : Victorian reactions to "political economy"

In the introductory essay to this collection of readings, the editors review the principles of the early economists, the way in which these principles were appropriated and applied by their Victorian successors and the contrasting modes which critics of popular economic ideas assumed.
Print Book, English, 1986
Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 1986
VII, 268 p. 22 cm
9780521319621, 0521319625
Editorial note; Introductory essay; 1. John Francis Bray (1809–1897): Labour's wrongs and labour's remedy; or the age of might and the age of right; 2. Thomas Carlyle (1795–1881): Past and present; 3. Friedrich Engels (1820–1895) and Karl Marx (1818–1883): F. Engles 'The condition of England: review of past and present by Thomas Carlyle'; 4. Friedrich Engels (1820–1895) and Karl Marx (1818–1883): K. Marx 'The fetishism of commodities and the secret thereof'; 5. Friedrich Engels (1820–1895) and Karl Marx (1818–1883): F. Engles 'Karl Marx'; 6. John Stuart Mill (1806–1873): Principles of political economy with some of their applications to social philosophy; 7. John Ruskin (1819–1900): Ad Valorem, Unto this last, essay IV; 8. Matthew Arnold (1822–1888): 'Letter v', friendship's garland; 9. Matthew Arnold (1822–1888): Culture and anarchy: an essay in political and social criticism; 10. Thomas Hill Green (1836–1882): Liberal legislation and freedom of contract; 11. William Morris (1834–1896): How I became a socialist; 12. William Morris (1834–1896): Dawn of a new epoch; 13. George Bernard Shaw (1856–1950): 'The transition to social democracy'; Notes; Select booklist.