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The best of Dryden

Print Book, English, [©1933]
Ronald Press, New York, [©1933]
xliv, 572 pages ; 19 cm
9780686022152, 0686022157
Poetry. Upon the death of the Lord Hastings
Heroic stanzas, to the memory of His Highness, Oliver, late lard protector of this commonwealth
To my honor'd friend Sir Robert Howard
Astræa Redux. A poem on the happy restoration and return of his sacred majesty Charles the second
To his sacred majesty. A panegyric on his coronation
To my honor'd friend Dr. Charleton
To the Lady Castlemaine, upon her encouraging his first play
Annus Mirabilis: the year of wonders, 1666. An historical poem Songs and lyrical pieces. The tears of Amynta for the death of Damon
Song: Sylvia the fair, in the bloom of fifteen Rondelay
The fair stranger
From the Indian emperor
From Tyrannic love
From The conquest of Granada, song of the Zambra dance
From Marriage a la mode
From Troilus and Cressida
From The Spanish friar
From Amphitryon
From King Arthur
From the same, Harvest song
From the same, Song of Venus
An ode on the death of Mr. Purcell
Veni creator spiritus Prologues and epilogues. Prologue to secret love, or the maiden queen
Prologue and epilogue to Sir Martin Mar-All, or the feigned innocence
Prologue and epilogue to the tempest
Porlogue and epilogue to the University of Oxford, 1674
Prologue and epilogue to Aurung-Zebe
Prologue to the University of Oxford Absalom and Achitophel
From the Second part of Absalom and Achitophel
The medal, a satire against sedition
Mac Flecknoe; or, a satire upon the true-blue-Protestant poet, T.X
Religio Laici; or, a layman's faith
To the memory of Mr. Oldham
The twenty-ninth ode of the third book of Horace
To the pious memory of Mrs. Anne Killigrew. An ode
The hind and the panther. A poem, in three parts A song for St. Cecilia's day, November 22, 1687
Lines on Milton
To my dear friend Mr. Congreve, on his comedy called The double dealer
To Sir Godfrey Kneller
Alexander's feast; or, the power of music; an ode in honor of St. Cecilia's day, 1697
The second book of theÆneis
Sigismonda and Guiscardo, from Boccacce
To my honor'd kinsman, John Driden, or Chesterton
Prose. An essay of dramatic poesy
A defence of an essay of dramatic poesy
Preface to Sylvæ: or the second part of the poetical miscellanies, 1685
Preface to the fables