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Matthew and his world : the gospel of the open Jewish Christians : studies in biblical theology

Benedict Thomas Viviano (Author)
"This collection of essays is centered on the Gospel according to Matthew. It treats contemporary discussions of Matthew's origins, character and place in the canon of the New Testament. It also discusses texts from the major sections of the Gospels: the infancy narrative, the Sermon on the Mount and other parts of the public ministry, and the Passion narrative. It addresses major themes: the kingdom of God, revelation, the Sabbath, spirituality, ecclesiology, and the birth of Easter faith. It also includes aspects of Matthew's broader context: Qumran literature, the letters to the Galatians and of James, and John's reception of Matthew. In contrast to several recent studies which present Matthew and his community as gloomy and beleaguered, this work reveals a confident, cheerful evangelist."--BOOK JACKET
Print Book, English, 2007
Academic Press ; Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht, Fribourg, Göttingen, 2007
309 pages ; 24 cm.
9783727815843, 9783525539644, 3727815841, 3525539649
Introduction: Matthew studies today
Where was the gospel of Matthew written?
The genres of Matthew 1-2
The movement of the star, Matthew 2:9 and Numbers 9:17
The Sermon on the Mount in recent study
Eight beatitudes in Qumran and in Matthew
The kingdom of God in the Qumran literature
The least in the kingdom
Revelation in stages (Matthew 11:25-30 and Numbers 12:3,6-8)
The historical Jesus and the biblical and Pharisaic Sabbath (Mark 2:23-28; 3:1-6 and parallels) : the problem of capital punishment
Synagogues and spirituality : the case of beth Alfa
Peter as Jesus' mouth
The sin of Peter and Paul's correction
Unity and symphonic diversity in the church
The high priests' servant's ear
A psychology of faith : Matthew 27:54 in the light of Exodus 14:30-31
The perfect law of freedom : James 1:25 and the law
John's use of Matthew
Matthew's place in the New Testament canon and in the lectionary of the church year