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Handbook of organizational and managerial wisdom

This handbook integrates the insights of some of the field's most respected thinkers to further our understanding of its essential characteristics, consider how it might be practically applied, and explore how it might be developed
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Foreword - Karl E. WeickIntroduction - Understanding, Applying and Developing Organizational and Managerial Wisdom - Eric H. Kessler and James R. BaileyPart I: LogicChapter 1 Individual Logic - Wisdom in Organizations: A Balance Theory Analysis - Jennifer Jordan and Robert J. SternbergChapter 2 Interpersonal Logic - Team Wisdom: Definition, Dynamics, and Applications - Tjai M. Nielsen, Amy C. Edmondson, and Eric SundstromChapter 3 Organizational Logic - Institutionalizing Wisdom in Organizations - Paul R. LawrenceChapter 4 Strategic Logic - Towards a Wisdom-Based Approach to Strategic Management - Paul E. Bierly, III and Robert W. KolodinskyPart II: EthicsChapter 5 Individual Ethics - The Virtue of Prudence - Jean M. Bartunek and Jordi TrullenChapter 6 Interpersonal Ethics - The Wise Negotiator - Roy J. LewickiChapter 7 Organizational Ethics - Acting Wisely While Facing Ethical Dilemmas in Leadership - Jay Conger and Robert HooijbergChapter 8 Strategic Ethics - Strategy, Wisdom and Stakeholder Theory: A Pragmatic and Entrepreneurial View of Stakeholder Strategy - R. Edward Freeman, Laura Dunham, and John McVeaPart III: AestheticsChapter 9 Individual Aesthetics - Self-Interest - Russell Cropanzano, Jordan Stein, and Barry M. GoldmanChapter 10 Interpersonal Aesthetics - Emotional and Social Intelligence Competencies Are Wisdom in Practice - Richard E. BoyatzisChapter 11 Organizational Aesthetics - Aesthetics and Wisdom in the Practice of Organizational Development - W. Warner BurkeChapter 12 Strategic Aesthetics - Wisdom and Human Resource Management - Angelo S. DeNisi and Carrie A. BelsitoPart IV: EpistemologyChapter 13 Individual Epistemology - Interpretive Wisdom - Dennis A. GioiaChapter 14 Interpersonal Epistemology - Wisdom, Culture, and Organizations - P. Christopher Earley and Lynn R. OffermannChapter 15 Organizational Epistemology - Interpersonal Relations in Organizations and the Emergence of Wisdom - Peter B. VaillChapter 16 Strategic Epistemology - Innovation and Organizational Wisdom - Arnoud De MeyerPart V: MetaphysicsChapter 17 Individual Metaphysics - The Getting of Wisdom: Self-Conduct, Personal Identity and Wisdom Across the Life Span - Nigel NicholsonChapter 18 Interpersonal Metaphysics - "We Live in a Political World": The Paradox of Managerial Wisdom - Tyrone S. Pitsis and Stewart R. CleggChapter 19 Organizational Metaphysics - Global Wisdom and the Audacity of Hope - Nancy J. AdlerChapter 20 Strategic Metaphysics - Can Wisdom be Taught? - Cynthia V. FukamiPart VI: Synthesizing CommentaryChapter 21 Wisdom: Objectivism as the Proper Philosophy for Living on Earth - Edwin A. LockeChapter 22 Wisdom as Learned Ignorance: Integrating East-West Perspectives - Robert Chia and Robin HoltName IndexSubject IndexAbout the EditorsAbout the Contributors An electronic book accessible through the World Wide Web; click for information
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