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Luke the priest : the authority of the author of the Third Gospel

This book focuses on the authority and status of the author of Luke-Acts. What authority did he have to write a Gospel, to interpret the Jewish Scriptures and traditions of Israel, to interpret the Jesus traditions, and to update the narrative with a second volume with its interpretation of Paul and the other apostles who appear in the Acts narrative? Rick Strelan constructs the author as a Jewish Priest, examining such issues as writing and orality, authority and tradition, and the status and role of priests. The analysis is set within the context of scholarly opinion about the author, the in
eBook, English, 2007
Ashgate Pub. Ltd., Aldershot, Hants, England, 2007
Criticism, interpretation, etc
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Cover; Contents; Preface; List of Abbreviations; Introduction; 1 Who Were the Gospel Writers?; 2 Gospels, Authors, and Authority; 3 The Status of Luke in Scholarship; 4 Why Write Another Gospel?; 5 Owning, Controlling, Guarding the Tradition; 6 The Oral and the Written; 7 Luke in the Tradition; 8 Luke among the Scholars; 9 Luke the Priest; 10 Luke as Authoritative Interpreter of Scripture; 11 Luke as Interpreter of the Jesus Traditions; 12 Luke as Interpreter of Paul; Conclusion; Bibliography; Modern Author Index; Scripture Index; Subject Index