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Abraham Lincoln, public speaker

Explains the importance of Lincoln's speaking ability in his quest for national recognition
Print Book, English, ©1988
Louisiana State University Press, Baton Rouge, ©1988
viii, 119 pages : map ; 24 cm
9780807114339, 9780807118528, 0807114332, 0807118524
Literary artist or speaker?
"Any poor man's son": the public image of Lincoln
Abraham Lincoln's "little engine": his political speaking, 1854-1860
"Kindly let me be silent": a reluctant Lincoln
"A remorseless analyzer": Lincoln's speech preparation
The first inaugural address: A study of strategy and persuasion
The lasting qualities of the Gettysburg Address
"With charity for all": The second inaugural address as persuasion
"Penetrating and far-reaching": Lincoln's voice
"A western man": Lincoln's appearance and delivery
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