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How to pass numeracy

A guide to passing numeracy tests. Offers help, information and practical advice on the three most common types of numeracy tests. This second edition features new practice material and answers.
Print Book, English, 2000
2nd ed
Kogan Page Ltd, 2000
9780749434373, 0749434376
Introduction 1. A Brief Guide to Selection Tests Why do employers use selection tests? What are selection tests? What is the difference between fair and unfair selection decisions? How is fairness achieved in test construction and administration? How are tests marked? What types of selection test might you be required to take? 2. How to Prepare for Taking Selection Tests Can practice make a difference? How to perform to the best of your ability on tests How to use the practice tests What do your practice test scores mean? How to make the best use of feedback from practice tests Other things you can do to improve your numeracy skills Basic numeracy checklist Multiplication matrix 3. Taking Real Tests What to do when taking real tests How to record your answers 4. Number Problem Tests Number problems Number problem tests: answers 5. Data Interpretation Tests (1) Data interpretation Data interpretation tests: answers 6. Data Interpretation Tests (2) Data interpretation tests: answers 7. Number Sequence Tests Number sequences Number sequence tests: answers Number sequences: worked examples