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The biogeochemistry of the Amazon Basin

The Biogeochemistry of the Amazon Basin synthesizes more than a decade of process-level research into the flows of water, carbon, nutrients and other bioactive elements through Amazon terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems. Emphasis is placed on the unique combinations of physical and biogeochemical conditions that support sustainable development of the region.
Print Book, English, 2001
Oxford University Press, New York, 2001
xi, 365 pages : illustrations, maps ; 26 cm
9780195114317, 0195114310
The relevance of biogeochemistry to Amazon development and conservation / Michael McClain
General characteristics and variability of climate in the Amazon basin and its links to the global climate system / Jose A. Marengo & Carlos A. Nobre
The atmospheric component of biogeochemical cycles in the Amazon basin / Paulo Artaxo
Soil versus biological controls on nutrient cycling in terra firme forests / Elvira Cuevas
Nutrient cycling as a function of landscape and biotic characteristics in the cerrados of Central Brazil / M. Haridasan
Linking biogeochemical cycles to cattle pasture management and sustainability in the Amzaon basin / Moacyr B. Dias-Filho, Eric A. Davidson & Claudio J. Reis de Carvalho
Nutrient considerations in the use of silviculture for land development and rehabilitation in the Amazon / Florencia Montagnini
Extractive reserves and participatory research as factors in the biogeochemistry of the Amazon basin / Foster Brown, Karen Kainer & Eufran do Amaral
The recovery of biomass, nutrient stocks, and deep-soil functions in secondary forests / Daniel Nepstad, Paulo R.S. Moutinho & Daniel Markewitz
The interface between economics and nutrient cycling in Amazon land development / Carl F. Jordan
Carbon storage in biomass and soils / Martial Bernoux [and others]
Terrestrial inputs to Amazon streams and internal biogeochemical processing / Michael E. McClain & Helmut Elsenbeer
Geo-ecological controls on elemental fluxes in communities of higher plants in Amazonian floodplains / Maria Tereza F. Piedade, Martin Worbes & Wolfgang J. Junk
Biogeochemistry of Amazon floodplain lakes and associated wetlands / John M. Melack & Bruce R. Forsberg
Organic matter and nutrients in the mainstem Amazon River / Allan H. Devol & John I. Hedges
Trace elements in the mainstem Amazon River / Patrick T. Seyler & Gerald R. Boaventura
Biogeochemical processes on the Amazon shelf: changes in dissolved and particulate fluxes during river/ocean mixing / David J. DeMaster & Robert C. Aller