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Autobiographical writing across the disciplines : a reader

'Autobiographical Writing Across the Disciplines' reveals for the first time the extraordinary breadth of the intellectual movement toward self-inclusive scholarship. Presenting exemplary works of criticism incorporating personal narratives, the text brings together 27 essays from scholars from different fields
Print Book, English, 2003
Duke University Press, Durham, 2003
xviii, 487 pages ; 25 cm
9780822332008, 9780822332138, 0822332000, 0822332132
Acknowledgments ixForeword / Ruth Behar xiiiSelf/Discipline: An Introduction / Diane P. Freedman and Olivia Frey 1Language and Literature Finding the Right Word: Self-Inclusion and Self-Inscription / David Bleich 41Gender Tragedies: East Texas Cockfighting and Hamlet / Carlos L. Dews 68Three Readings of the Wife of Bath / Merrill Black 85Listening to the Images: My Sightless Insights into Yeats's Plays / David Richman 96Activist Academic: Memoir of an Ethnic Lit Professor / Bonnie Tusmith 114Following the Voice of the Draft / Donald M. Murray 129Notes of a Native Daughter: Reflections on Identity and Writing / Carla L. Peterson 138History Tribute to Robert D. Marcus / David Bleich 159Journey/man: Hi/s/tory / Robert D. Marcus 161Religion From God of the Oppressed / James Cone 189Philosophy Beyond Holocaust Theology: Extending a Hand across the Abyss / Laura Duhan Kaplan 205Maternal Thinking / Sara Ruddick 216Africana Studies Altered States / Kwame Anthony Appiah 233Art History History of an Encounter / Eunice Lipton 257Music Devouring Music: Ruminations of a Composer Who Cooks / Peter Hamlin 265Film When the Body Is Your Own: Feminist Film Criticism and the Horror Genre / Julie Tharp 281Filming Point of View / Deborah Lefkowitz 292Anthropology From The Broken Cord / Michael Dorris 311Juban America / Ruth Behar 331Close Encounters with a CSA: The Reflections of a Bruised and Somewhat Wiser Anthropologist / Laura B. Delind 349Law The Death of the Profane (a commentary on the genre of legal writing) / Patricia J. Williams 365English Education My Father/ My Censor: English Education, Politics, and Status / Brenda Daly 375Research Psychology Adventures of a Woman in Science / Naomi Weisstein 397Biology Through the Looking Glass: A Feminist's Life in Biology / Muriel Lederman 417Medicine That Disorder: An Introduction / Alice Wexler 435A Textbook Pregnancy / Perri Klass 444Math, Psychology, and Science Education Personal Thinking / Seymour Papert 455Selected Bibliography 467Contributors 483 Electronic access restricted; authentication may be required