Front cover image for Getting ready for Benjamin : preparing teachers for sexual diversity in the classroom

Getting ready for Benjamin : preparing teachers for sexual diversity in the classroom

This collection argues that issues of sexual diversity are inextricably interwoven into the basic concerns of pre-service teacher education. The essays range from an analysis of gay teacher educators and heterosexual allies who are challenging homophobia and heterosexism in their classrooms.
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xiii, 266 pages ; 24 cm.
9780742516762, 9780742516779, 0742516768, 0742516776
The challenges of gay topics in teacher education : politics, content, and pedagogy / Arthur Lipkin
"But no one in the class is gay" : countering invisibility and creating allies in teacher education programs / Diana Straut and Mara Sapon-Shevin
What do we do in physical education? / Michael Gard
"Pedophiles and deviants": exploring issues of sexuality, masculinity, and normalization in the lives of male teacher candidates / Deborah P. Berrill and Wayne Martino
Homophobia in the schools : student teachers' perceptions and preparation to respond / Jane A. Page and Delores D. Liston
Education by association : the shortcomings of discourses of privacy and civility in anti-homophobia education / Cris Mayo
The gay ghetto in the geography of education textbooks / Allison J. Young and Michael J. Middleton
"Talking about inclusion like it's for everyone" : sexual diversity and the inclusive schooling movement / Paula Kluth and Kevin P. Colleary
Revisioning multiculturalism in teacher. education : isn't it queer? / Will Letts
Queer developments in teacher education : addressing sexual diversity, homophobia, and heterosexism / Tim Bedford
Getting to the heart of teaching for diversity / Genet Simone
How my teacher education program failed / "Starr"
Visibility, invisibility, and "the thickness of nondivesity" : what I learned from Karen / Rita M. Kissen and Karen Phillips
Heteronormativity and common sense in science (teacher) education / Steve Fifield and Howard (Lee) Swain
"I was afraid he would label me gay if I stood up for gays" : the experience of lesbian and gay elementary education credential candidates at a rural state university / Eric Rofes
Teacher educators and the multicultural closet : the impact of gay and lesbian content on an undergraduate teacher education seminar / James R. King and Roger Brindley
Can of worms : a queer TA in teacher ed. / Karleen Pendleton Jiménez
I'm everywoman : multiple identities as part of the diversity curriculum. Karen Glasgow
Campus dyke meets teacher education : a marriage made in social justice heaven / Ronni Sanlo