Front cover image for A. Lincoln, Esquire : a shrewd, sophisticated lawyer in his time

A. Lincoln, Esquire : a shrewd, sophisticated lawyer in his time

"Abraham Lincoln has long been considered the greatest president by scholars of American history. According to legal scholars, he could just as easily have been one of the foremost lawyers in the nation had he not become president." "Lincoln practiced law for about twenty-five years, mainly in the circuit courts of Illinois. However, he was hardly a hick country lawyer. In contrast, Lincoln was an incisive, determined, and assertive litigator with an overwhelming caseload. He sought out new business for his law firm and cared about earning a comfortable living."
Print Book, English, 2002
Mercer University Press, Macon, Ga., 2002
xiv, 372 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm
9780865547391, 0865547394
Reverence for the laws : a political religion
A. Lincoln, Esquire : the evolution of a lawyer. John A. Lupton, the Lincoln legal papers : a documentary history of the law practice of Abraham Lincoln, 1836-1861
Lincoln's client assaulted : he questioned his physician's medical school graduation
Fired for incompetency : asylum's medical superintendent sues
Lincoln secures a charter for a homeopathic medical school
Victorian lawyers, improperly healed fractures, and America's first medical malpractice crisis, 1835-1865
Defense lawyer, A. Lincoln, uses chicken bones in a malpractice case
Broken wrist without due care : Lincoln defends the physician
Lincoln's cases of sex, slander and sundry suits
Abraham and Mary Lincoln and insanity in the courtroom
Chloroform induced insanity defense confounds lawyer Lincoln
Lincoln's client refuses to pay the doctor's bill for services
Lincoln politically selects the medical expert on insanity