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Fieldnotes : the makings of anthropology

Thirteen distinguished anthropologists describe how they create and use the unique forms of writing they produce in the field. They also discuss the fieldnotes of seminal figures—Frank Cushing, Franz Boas, W. H. R. Rivers, Bronislaw Malinowski, and...
Print Book, English, 1990
Cornell University Press, Ithaca, 1990
xviii, 429 pages : illustrations ; 23 cm
9780801424366, 9780801497261, 0801424364, 0801497264
Online version:
"I am a fieldnote" : fieldnotes as a symbol of professional identity / Jean E. Jackson
Fire, loss, and the sorcerer's apprentice / Roger Sanjek
Notes on (field)notes / James Clifford
Pretexts for ethnography : on reading fieldnotes / Rena Lederman
A vocabulary for fieldnotes / Roger Sanjek
Thirty years of fieldnotes : changing relationships to the text / Simon Ottenberg
Quality into quantity : on the measurement potential of ethnographic fieldnotes / Allen Johnson and Orna R. Johnson
The secret life of fieldnotes / Roger Sanjek
Fieldnotes : research in past occurrences / George C. Bond
Adventures with fieldnotes / Christine Obbo
Refractions of reality : on the use of other ethnographers' fieldnotes / Nancy Lutkehaus. Fieldnotes and others / Roger Sanjek
Chinanotes : engendering anthropology / Margery Wolf
Hearing voices, joining the chorus : appropriating someone else's fieldnotes / Robert J. Smith
Fieldnotes, filed notes and the conferring of note / David W. Plath
On ethnographic validity / Roger Sanjek
Includes rev. versions of some papers presented at the AES Invited Sessions at the American Anthropological Association meetings in Washington, D.C., 1985